You Know You are a Seedaholic When…

You know you are a seedaholic when you have enough seeds to feed your whole community. That’s me, just look at this huge mess of seeds. From donated seed,commercially bought seed and seeds harvested from my own garden, its just way too much.

Its easy to get more seeds than you need. I mean, how can you resist buying one of each of the many great varieties out there? Last year I received a donation of seeds from West Coast Seeds to use in my classes with children. So a big thank you to them as we used a lot of seed and the kids loved the whole gardening experience.

So today I decided it was time to do a seed inventory. I have never really kept track properly but after doing it I was pleasantly surprised on how easy this was to do.I began by placing all my vegetable seeds on the kitchen table.

I started grouping them in to their respective categories. As I grouped the first set of bean seeds, I listed how many packages of each type on a list which I will enter on my computer later.

As I grouped each type , I wrapped the bundles with an elastic band and placed them in a box. I tried to do this alphabetically but kind of doubt it will stay like that once planting season begins.

Okay , are you ready for this. I have 142 packages of vegetable seeds to be used! They are nicely stored in cardboard boxes in my garage. Now don’t ask me about my flower seeds. That’s another post.
I must admit if it wasn’t for my friends on twitter, I may not have done the inventory. I am so excited as its almost time for Super Sow Sunday on February 6. My friend, Bren at BGGarden is hosting this and I cant wait. So you see, there was a reason for my organizing today. If you want to know more about Super Sow Sunday, jump over to Bren’s site. It is sure to be a fun day!

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