Where Are Our Scarecrows Gone?


Just when you least expect was a good first title for this series of posts but I should have saved it for today. As I sit here this morning, I am a mix of emotions, sad, violated, angry and hopeful. You see my view of human nature was dashed yesterday morning. Lets go back a couple of days. On Wednesday I taught a class of forty students how to make scarecrows. Hubby had spent hours making the supports to go in them and I shopped for weeks to find the right clothes and accessories for them. I was so excited for Wednesday morning to arrive. The children loved building eight scarecrows. Four of the scarecrows were taken back to the school for a fall display and the other four were left in the garden beds so the neighbours could enjoy them.  The children will return to the garden in two weeks for their next class.


Unfortunately when hubby and I returned the next morning, three of the four scarecrows were gone! I was devastated to say the least. I thought perhaps vandals had tossed them into the back fields so I searched the park across from the community garden and the field behind, looked in all the ditches and talked to the neighbours. Nobody had seen anything. Now I was getting angry.

It’s not like we hadn’t had some small theft of vegetables during the summer but it was very minor. Whoever took these six-foot scarecrows had to have help. They are a bit heavy and awkward to just walk down the street with them. Somebody would have seen them unless it was done at night. I now wished I had brought them home but you see, a six-foot scarecrow doesn’t fit into my tiny car.

You like to think that every parent teaches their children to not touch other people’s property but I would be naive to think that. I know that early on my children learned that lesson from me. You see I worked in the largest retail store in town. One day my son came in with his friends and they encouraged him to steal from the candy department. He looked at them and said, “Are you crazy? My Mom works here.” He wouldn’t be part of it and later on he would tell me if he had a shoplifter in where  he works.  You see young people like to brag about such things. How do children get like this? Is it a learned behaviour? I don’t know these days.

So today I am in a bit of a funk. My perception of human nature has been squashed once again. I brought up my children to be honest.  I guess I am hoping that if a parent sees some new scarecrows appear at their home, that they will wonder where they came from but then I shouldn’t presume it was young people taking them. My experience has been that its older people who take from a community garden. The young people actually enjoy sitting in our garden, playing a game of checkers or having a picnic.

If you live in Delta, the scarecrows that went missing are the three scarecrows with pillowcases for heads in the top photo. We would love to have them back. I had to break the news to the children this morning. They are devastated to say the least.

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