West Coast Seeds Is So Pretty!

Have you been to West Coast Seeds yet? I love living so close to a seed company being the seedaholic I am. Yes, someday I will need a twelve step program. For now, they are feeding my addiction to seeds and gardening in general. Its not just seeds they sell but all the gear you need to get you started this spring. I was there yesterday and took some photos to share. Note, I did NOT buy anything,now that took will power!

I am sure a lot of you are familiar with their great catalogue. Check it out, its free! It comes packed with all sorts of growing information on the vegetables you want to grow in your garden. Its not just vegetable seeds they sell, they also have flower and herb seeds too.

Anyway, you have to see how pretty they have made their new retail store. This is a town full of heritage buildings. When they moved in there was a lot of work to do. This is the view from the outside looking up. It is painted in a gingerbread fashion using bright colors.

Check out the planters outside the store. Don’t they look great? For those of you buried under snow, I hope this gives you a taste of spring.

I love the colors in the window boxes as well. It just makes you want to go inside the store.

Its kind of cool knowing where our seed are being shipped from , now isn’t it?

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