It’s Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

It’s time to plant your cool season crops in the garden. The weather has warmed and we have a few days of sun coming up. So what should we be planting this week?

It's Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

I will be starting with potatoes and onion sets. I looked at my garden rotation plan and see I missed planning for these two crops. What was I thinking? Onions are so easy to grow and something I can use all winter long. Potatoes are one of my favourite vegetables but not Farmer Jim’s so I will only grow a few plants this year. Root crops are so easy to grow and can supply you with meals all winter long. I like having onions, garlic and potatoes in cold storage for as long as they last.

The peas are up in the greenhouse from a planting I did a couple of weeks ago. Most plants will be sold but I always keep the duds or ones that don’t have full germination for my own garden. I am trying some ‘Little Marvel’ peas this year. I am hoping to grow some out for their seed this year as I used up all my pea seeds that I had in storage. The thought of having to buy seeds kills me when I know I can save my own. Peas can go outside by the end of this month. I have seeds germinating under cover outside and will set some plants out for a second harvest.

It's Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

I also have cilantro, kale, tomatoes, spinach, peppers and basil on the go in the greenhouse. It looks like I will be potting up tomato plants to their final 4″ pots next week. Tomatoes grow quickly and can be potted up when they get their second set of leaves or true leaves. Its too early for warm season crops like tomatoes, basil and peppers as they don’t go outside until the middle of May. Think about planting cilantro, spinach and kale now from seed.

It's Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

Planting onion sets is easy and your children will love to help. Place the onion set pointed end up with the tip just below the surface of the soil. Space your plants about 4″ apart to allow each onion to mature to full size. Onions will mature in July after their tops bend towards the soil and begin to yellow.

It's Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

This year I will be trying something different in the garden. The garlic is about 5″ high now and I can see there is some space between the bulbs that I could use to maximize my harvest. I will be planting some onions between the garlic where space allows. Both crops get harvested in July. I would love to have a separate bed for onions but want to grow a bed of sweet potatoes and corn this year. So much to grow and never enough room, right? I may even grow the lettuce and spinach as a border crop in the flower garden to allow more room in the kitchen garden for other crops. Its still early in the season but I am starting and thats always a good thing.

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