The Community Is Your Family


Yes, the community is like a family to us. What I love about living in a  small town is that everyone knows you. If something happens and you need help, they will offer it. If you walk down the street here, everyone says hello. They may not really know you but they are pleasant and smile when they say hello. You see this town is special. Its full of pioneer families that made this town. When I tell people I have lived here for almost fifty years, they say “Wow!”  Although, fifty years is not a long time compared to most families here. Some have been here for over a hundred years. Now that’s a long time!


This community cares. It cares about the people within it. It is all about give and take. I know I like to give to my community and they give back. It could be a greeting, a donation to our community garden or just a comment on the work we do. You see the only reason I work  volunteer for this community is to make it richer. By getting out there and being active for your community, you make it a better place to live. That’s what we all want. To create a community that is fun to live in.  One that we are proud to bring up our children and grandchildren in.



As I sit here our community is shrouded in fog. It’s like a big blanket that has enveloped us and is keeping us safe. A blanket to keep us warm, a reminder of our proximity to the ocean and its beauty.  For we are lucky to live here, the best place on earth. 

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