The Blog is Almost Ten Years Old!

The Blog is Almost Ten Years Old!

The blog will be ten years old on the first day of 2020. I can’t believe I have written for almost ten years. Where did the time go? I chuckle at how when I started I didn’t know how to upload a photo to the blog. Once I found out I was in heaven. Of course, I had lots of things to learn over the years like resizing photos,  creating image descriptions and how I should follow a schedule for posting. Okay, I have never had a schedule. I write when I feel inspired and that’s how it should be. Forcing out a post about something makes my brain hurt. You know the saying, do what you love, that’s what I write about.

The Blog is Almost Ten Years Old!

I write for the love of sharing my passion, not for money. I want to be in the garden so I can share the trials and tribulations that many of us encounter. I can’t stand the thought of sitting at my laptop for eight hours a day pumping out content. Its just not me. I am a hands on gardener, I write about what works.

As we come to the end of this year there are so many ideas swirling in this brain of mine. Where will the garden take me next year? Do I keep blogging? Did you know I have a Facebook garden page? I have so much fun putting up short segments on social media. It’s about being able to put a face to the people who are reading. We get into discussions about gardening and talk about our passion for this hobby.

A lot of people are wondering if blogging is going to disappear like newspapers. I think what’s important is that we don’t lose the art of conversation. Real face to face conversation needs to happen, not just the written word. I will continue to write here as long as I can. I will write about gardening and our adventures on this large urban property. So stay with me as we walk the life we are given.

My ideas are plenty for the new year. I will continue to give presentations when I am asked. If you have a garden question always feel free to send me an email and I will try and answer them. The kitchen garden will be filled with vegetables again next year. I hope to grow as many small space crops to test out new varieties. Some older parts of the garden will be renovated to make room for new plants. We made several changes this year to cut down on maintenance. I will write about the changes soon.

If I haven’t said it before, thanks for dropping by the blog. I value your comments and questions.

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  1. Want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas Kirstin. Keep on trucking, if I remember right I started around 2012, time sure does fly! I enjoy your blog and it’s great that you are true to yourself, a real gardener. All the best for blogging in 2020:) Lynne

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