Super Sow Sunday Excitement

Last Sunday I participated in an event that only a dire hard gardener can relate to. I joined a bunch of other gardeners across the country in what is called Super Sow Sunday. I know what you’re thinking, is she crazy? It was Super Bowl Sunday. I know but this is a way for non- football fans to have fun while our guys or gals are watching the game. My friend, Bren, over at BG Garden arranged this event. For more info on this fun day check out her site. She really knows how to keep us on track when it comes to gardening.

So to get started we all logged on to tweet-chat so we could talk about what we were all planting.Yes, you need to take a mobile device out to your greenhouse. As you can see I was using my new Ipad.
Some of these gardeners lived as far away as Ohio and up to Alberta. It was interesting to hear what people were planting as we all have different climates. Its not like we have 70F weather like they do in California. There they can start tomatoes from seed now. Here we wouldn’t start tomatoes until late March to early April.

To get started, I chose some seeds that would grow in my cool greenhouse.Since my greenhouse is pretty cool still reaching around 50F or 10C during the day, I had to choose cool weather crops. I decided to sow some lettuce, kale and onions. I love using West Coast Seeds as their new store is just up the street from my home. How convenient is that? Their seeds are also suited to the climate of the Pacific Northwest so I can be sure they will be successful.

The next step is so important. I have to have my labels done and ready to go. Labeling your seeds is crucial. Not only do I mark the name of the plant but I also mark the date the seed was planted.

I use a permanent marker or Jiffy pen to label as it won’t wear off.You can also use a china marker as they work well.

Now you can plant in many different containers as long as they have drainage. You can use yogurt containers, cut down mild cartons, egg cartons and cake and muffin containers. Aren’t you always wondering what to do with those enormous salad containers from the grocery store?

I already have lots of pots and cell packs left over from last year so I will give them a wash and reuse them.

I use a commercial seed starter mix that can be purchased at any garden center.

I place it in a bucket and pre-moisten it with a jug of water. It shouldn’t be soaking wet, just damp.

Now it is time to fill the cell packs. Fill each compartment to a quarter inch from the top with your mix.Put your label in and plant your seeds as directed on the package. Now the excitement. If you are like me , you will be checking on your seed babies daily. Like watching over them will make them grow any faster. Soon enough they will emerge from the soil.

Just remember water from below if possible. You can use no hole seed flats under your plants to catch the water. By watering from below, the soil and seeds don’t get washed around.
Anyway, back to Super Sow Sunday. It was an amazing collection of ideas on what soils to use, what seeds to sow and just plain gardening in general. It was so much fun chatting in the greenhouse while I planted my seeds.
To make my day complete , I found out I won something! Now how could my day get any better? Well, my seeds could pop up.
See you soon again because I will bet you are wondering what I won and I will be sure to share that with you next week.
Until then, happy gardening!

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