Slow Down, You Move Too Fast…..

front garden

Where did the last month go? Is it just me?  As I age the time seems to fly by. April was a busy month with growing in the greenhouse and helping with the annual startup of the Ladner Community Garden. My garden is already needing some tender loving care. That bad morning glory just won’t stay away. She is back to visit once again this year and mocking me as I still cannot bend over to garden.


If you don’t look too closely the garden is doing its thing. Its full of perennials that don’t need any help. They just keep on giving. The winds of last week knocked the Magnolia flowers down but the Rhododendrons are out in full glory. I love this time of year but things are growing so fast I can hardly keep up.


The Irises just came into bloom. Irises are so easy to grow and are like the orchid of the garden in May. This is the first of many. When gardeners offer their Irises, I never say no.


For the last few days, my 200 plus tomato plants have been coming outside for a bit of sun. I am trying to prepare them to stay outside and the nights are now warm enough for them. I had to borrow the shelf hubby put together for my daughter’s new home. It’s perfect for plants! I will have to show you about the shelf project another day. It’s a whole other post.


Finding a bit of shade for the tomato plants can be a challenge. I spend more time moving them around and actually have to watch the clock so that they all get a turn outside. I don’t want them to get sunburned before they go to a new home. Did I tell you I am having a tomato plant sale tomorrow? I pretty well had to have a sale with so many plants. Its my first sale so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t need to dig up my lawn and plant tomatoes. This will be interesting as I didn’t advertise at all. I used social media as a selling tool so we will see how it goes.

kale seedlings

The Kale babies also came outside today.  These babies grow to about four feet high so I have just one plant to a pot. Two plants are enough for any garden.Whats odd where I live is Kale is hard to find at local garden centers. If you buy seed, you will have enough for years and years of plants.



This is a very old Azalea but I love it.Every year we contemplate taking them out. The older branches have been dying back and it has left them pretty unsightly when not in bloom. Last year we pruned a lot of the dead growth off and to our surprise the plants have sent new growth from the base. Looks like they were listening and smartened up.


The Dorinicum or Leopards Bane is amazing this year. People walking by are asking what it is. I always liked daisy like flowers. They seem to attract the beneficial insects with their landing pad flowers. I actually dug this clump up a few years ago but its back again. I know what I will be sharing soon.

Isn’t that what gardening is about? The sharing of plants, a shared story , a conversation between two like-minded souls. You have to love this time of year. Mind you, it could slow down a bit. Just one more plant sale, out-of-town company arriving and 350 tea cups to plant next week. Maybe next week, I will put my feet up. Ya right!


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