Seed Buying Frustrations in a Pandemic

If the last two years have taught us something it’s always be prepared. The pandemic has affected the whole gardening industry and they weren’t prepared for it. With more people working from home or out of work they navigated to the back yard and gardens sprung up everywhere. All of a sudden the demand for seeds and plants skyrocketed. What many people don’t understand is that plants have to complete their lifecycle before the seeds can be harvested. Seeds are harvested and cleaned and then graded and placed in packages, much of it being done by hand. I have great respect for seed packagers as I grow and save seed myself. It’s time consuming.

I am buying seed and growing wedding flowers for a friend next spring. I have received half of the seeds and tried to buy the rest yesterday. I sat there on my phone waiting for the seed company to open. It was just after 3pm and I anxiously waited for seeds that are supposed to be released. A few minutes later all the seed I wanted to buy were now listed as available in January. For most of them its okay as most flower seeds are started in March and April. It was Lisianthus seed that I needed for a January planting. You see Lisianthus is a plant diva when it comes to growing it. It needs to be started 10-12 weeks before it goes outside. It takes a while to get started and a long time for it to bloom. It doesn’t like the rain so I may have to add some hoops of plastic over top. After all, I live in on the west coast of BC and we get lots of rain. I will still order the seed in January and hope they get shipped quickly. With all the flooding in BC there have been some delays. We are fortunate to not be affected by the floods in the Fraser Valley. My seed worries are nothing compared to what people are going through in the valley.

So I think I’m going to see if the bride and I can figure out an alternative flower. It’s always best to have options. There are always dahlias which would be in full bloom in late August. If you have any ideas for an alternate flower I’m open for ideas. I’m growing carnations but I doubt they will be a good alternative. I’ve looked at other seed sites but most haven’t released their 2022 seeds yet. I guess I have to be patient.

I can’t wait to start growing seeds again. It’s what I love to do, propagating seeds and cuttings. Bringing new plants into this world. Making this world just a bit more beautiful one plant at a time. On that note, I hope to have a plant sale in the garden in early May. I miss people and their love for plants. Let’s hope 2022 brings us an abundant year in the garden full of hope and joy.

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