Roses for Your Sunday Afternoon

June is here and the Roses are magnificent this year. This is the best year for my Roses in a long time. Did I prune them better perhaps or is it just the weather? Yes, we haven’t had as much rain as usual so I think that’s why they are doing so well. For those of you who have been to my garden, you know I have a large arbor covered in climbing Roses but my favourites are the hybrid tea Roses. They grace my front door and back garden with their beauty and fragrance.


This apricot Rose is what I see each morning as I make my coffee. Isn’t this a grand way to start the day? Whats even better is the tiny birds that love to sit in this bush. They will take care of any insect pests for me by snatching insects for their morning meal. Do I get aphids? If I do I rarely see them. The birds ┬átake care of the bugs for me. Since I garden organically I rely on the birds and natural balance of things to help with any pests I may have. I love this time of year when we can go out every few days and bring a bouquet inside to enjoy.


When cutting your hybrid Roses for a bouquet, try to cut just above a node where a branch is holding five leaves like shown in the photo. I find that my Roses will send out new growth and potential blooms by cutting it here. Try not to leave a stub too long as it will just die back and look unsightly. Be sure to get your Roses into water immediately. Air bubbles can form in the stem and cause them to droop. I like to prepare my Roses by cutting them underwater once I have them inside. That means you will be recutting the stems before they go in the vase.


Yesterday I picked a bouquet of pastel coloured blooms. This Rose was grown from cutting I took from my Mothers garden.


I placed the Roses in this cute mason jar filled with water. I added some Feverfew flowers which are the tiny white daisies and the one Campanula bloom to add a bit of purple to the bouquet. Now I am not a florist so this isn’t perfect. I think some Baby’s Breath would have filled this bouquet in nicely. All it needs is a filler flower.


The blooms on the apricot Rose are exquisite. To me, this is the perfect Rose. It has beauty and fragrance and seems to be disease and pest free. Its only issue is it likes to send out suckers.


So here is a bouquet for you to enjoy on a Sunday. The fragrance is enough to fill our family room each evening after we come in from the garden. Life doesn’t get much better.


One thought on “Roses for Your Sunday Afternoon

  1. I could almost smell those, Kristin! What beautiful healthy plants, with those delightful blooms. I enjoy the native roses where I am, because I don’t have the water that the domesticated ones prefer. *sigh* I can dream…

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