Planting Vegetables and Flowers Together, Why Not?

Its Friday and I am linking up with my friend, Glenda, over at Tootsie Time today. She has an amazing garden full of flowers and can grow pretty well anything.  As you know, I have flowers but normally don’t plant that many annuals. This year my focus has been on growing more food so my gardens are a bit different. It’s interesting how gardens change over the years. I have noticed a huge increase in young gardeners wanting to grow their own food. Many only have a patio or townhouse garden to do it, so a lot of food is being grown in containers. As I look at my huge yard, I have to wonder why we have so  much lawn. It’s not that we don’t have gardens, we have fourteen large areas of garden to be exact and each one is lucky to see me once a month. You see, I live on a half-acre. I have learned that a few weeds is not a big deal, that a few dandelions and buttercups provide food for beneficial insects and that by growing organically my property attracts all sorts of birds and insect life.

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This year I grew flats and flats of vegetables. The plan was to test many of the leafy vegetables in my shade garden. Yes, I have planted lettuce, parsley and cilantro in my front garden along with the Hostas and Brunnera. They are doing great so far.


I love the internet and my Facebook friends. I finally found out that this Columbine is Nora Barlow. I love this plant and will collect some seeds to share from this one.



I have been busy teaching vegetable garden lessons this spring and kind of feel like an impostor. I only have eight feet of garden set aside for our own vegetable growing. That will change this year. Much of my plantings are delegated to funky containers like the drawer on the right hand side of this bench. Its full of herbs and doing very well.


Yes, the lawn, hubby is hinting about needing a ride on lawnmower and I don’t blame him. It takes at least an hour and a half to cut the lawn. The arbor is full of roses now and smells heavenly when you walk by.


So my gardening has changed a lot this year with all the vegetables I have grown. This garden is right by my front door. People come over and look and ask me what the plants are. Hmmm…. lettuce. They don’t recognize the vegetables, interesting. Here

I have planted kale, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and beans and added Alyssum and Marigolds to attract pollinating insects. I also added a border of basil along the edge. This is going to be one tasty garden. With my love of tomatoes, I have interplanted them everywhere I can find room. They are growing under my rose arbor, in front of my house as you come to the door and in containers everywhere.


Yes, this little vegetable garden is full now. The garlic wont be ready until mid July but I am anxiously waiting for my first scapes. Can you say garlic scape pesto?


My last flower share today is the Allium I planted last fall. I had forgotten I planted it in this large container. Such a dainty plant!

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Well, that’s it for today. I am heading out to do more planting. On my list is to get squash, pumpkins and beans in the ground. We had to have a couple of trees taken down in the spring as they were rotting. This area is now so weedy I need to plant something to shade it again. I think pumpkins may do the trick. I will keep you posted as my squash garden develops. This is also an area that the raccoons travel past each night. I hope I don’t have issues with them.

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  1. I am adding tomatoes and peppers to my perennial garden this year. Last year I tried Kale and lettuce but the bunnies got it first while the radishes the left behind.

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