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Okay, it’s official. Please let me share some seeds with you. Today while renovations were going on in the house, I decided to go through my boxes of seeds. I had been asked for a list of tomatoes that I will be growing this year. Oh my! My list has 23 different types of tomatoes on it and I haven’t received the tomato seeds I am growing for the seed bank. I love to collect seed at the end of the growing season but now some has to go. There is only so much I can grow in one year so its time to share the wealth. People have been very generous to me and I need to give some away. If there is something on the list let me know if you would like some.

So far I have theses seeds:

Aquilegia ‘Nora Barlow’- Commonly known as Columbine, it’s a pretty perennial growing to 3 feet high. I also have ones in shades of dark blue.

Calendula ‘Single Orange’-Edible flower with single orange petals.

Dragon’s Tongue Beans-Purple and yellow beans that turn yellow when cooked.

Golden wax beans

Dukat dill

Cinnamon Basil and probably some Sweet Genovese basil. Please save me from growing 13 flats again this year. I still have seed leftover plus collected seed plus enough pesto to last all winter.

Peppermint Swiss chard -This was new last year and has pretty pink and white stalks.

Samish Spinach

Unknown poppy seeds, some purple, some frilled. I collect poppy seeds but really I don’t need hundreds.

Dahlia Alpen Cherub
Dahlia Alpen Cherub

Dahlia-I collected this seed from a white Dahlia called ‘Alpen Cherub’ and am looking for people to grow it out. It may have crossed and changed colour. I hope to have plants available in April  to test. Okay, you are probably wondering what I mean by crossing a Dahlia. Let’s just say you grew two different Dahlias of the same type. In my case I grew two collarette Dahlias near each other. In the fall, I took seeds from the white flower. It turns out that the purple collarette Dahlia could cross-pollinate with the white one. It may be that the next generation’s flower could be a combination of both. Its fun to experiment in the garden with seeds. Even if it isn’t the same colour I will still get a flower.

Ladner Seedy Saturday 2015

Getting back to seeds, I probably have much more than is listed. Last year someone donated an unknown Nasturtium to the seed swap. I have a huge bag full of seed which I will package up this week into smaller quantities. If you want to trade seeds, much of my seed will be shared at the Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2015. The Ladner Community Garden is having a seed swap at the event. You can bring seed to trade and its so much fun. So look through your seeds, choose ones you would like to trade and bring them down to the Harris Barn on February 21 and 22. I will be there both days and hope to bring home more seeds. Not really. I think I have more than I need.

If you can’t make it to the event, join us tomorrow as we trade seeds online on Seedchat. This event is held on twitter at 6pm Pacific time. Make your list and join us as we trade seeds among each other. Don’t forget to hashtag like this #seedchat. That way your seedy tweets will be seen by the group. For more details hop on over to Seedchat to see how it works.

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