November Flowers and Fall Colour


It’s hard to believe that there is anything still in bloom in  the garden. The weather has been quite mild here with just a couple of light frosts. I am still working on fall cleanup but if I don’t get it done mother nature usually does a fine job. The gardens are covered in leaves and what we can’t use as mulch will be made into compost.
november flowers

The Choisya is covered in flowers now which is quite unusual for this time of year. It is a May bloomer so I guess our mild temperatures have had an effect on the plant. We reached 15 C the other day which was a record not achieved since 1971.


Oh the fall colour! As I sit in my office I watch the Nyssa sylvatica or sour gum tree in all its fall splendour. The colour of its leaves is amazing against our tall cedar hedge. The tree is often a mix of reds and golds in the fall and when the sun hits the leaves, it’s outstanding.


The Viburnum bodnantense is loaded with buds. I look forward to seeing this shrub burst into bloom. It blooms from November to February with tiny pinkish white flowers. The flowers may turn brown if we have a very hard frost but bounce back once the temperatures warm up again.


This is a terrible photo but had to share it anyway. The Primula are starting to bloom! This is the first one. They are favorites of slugs and snails so often their foliage can get ratty looking but the flowers are so bright and cheer me up on a winter’s day.


You know that old man winter will not come for long here as the Helleborus is looking pretty healthy. Its leaves are showing above the leaf mulch and I expect flowers in early spring. Some will begin to flower right after Christmas and others around March.


This is what I am doing in the garden this weekend. I know, don’t groan all at once. The holiday season is just around the corner and we have some serious decorating to do. Hubby wants the lights to go up this weekend. They won’t go on until December but with a large property we have to start early. The bench above was a found item that someone was throwing out. The decor was bought for less than $5 at the local Christmas thrift shop. Its simple and fills a bare spot in the garden.

Well that’s it for today. I am linking over at Tootsie Time so don’t forget to check it out.



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