Memories of Christmas Past

Its interesting what you find when you dig through old photos. As I looked for old photos to make a wedding dvd I came across this letter. I received this poem from my grandfather in the early 1970’s when I was working at a local pizza restaurant. For those who lived in Ladner then, it was called the Pizza pad and it was my first job. My grandfather passed away in the late 1970’s and I remember him as a wonderful gardener, a writer and teller of stories. He came to Canada at the age of 12 as an orphan from a church in England. We never knew who his family was and still don’t til this day. So today I copied this out to save it forever as the paper it is carefully handwritten on is getting worn.

To Kristin with love from Grandpa

Poor Santa Claus he wore a frown

For he had walked around the town,

Said he “Great Scott!”I must sit down.”

So in he went to Pizza Padner,

For he knew that they had there

The sweetest nicest girl in Ladner.

A bowl of soup he ordered quick,

And make it girlie nice and think.

“By gosh!” he said, “ She is some chick,”

The soup arrived upon a tray,

But soon she heard old Santa say,

“I’m stuck!”my blooming beard is in the way.

“Then take it off,” the maiden said,

“The same as when you go to bed”

Then Santa’s face did turn quite red.

“What! Pull my wig and beard asunder,

That would be a terrible blunder,

Everyone here would look and wonder”

“ Come here young miss, I’ll tell you straight,

My heads as bald as this here plate,

To wear a wig it is my fate.”

“Oh poor Santa”, the maiden sighed,

“These two nice eggs have just been fried

Eat them and you’ll feel better inside.”

As jolly old Santa went on his way,

Some folks said they heard him say,

That sweet young maid had made his day.

And so on back to Santa’s stall,

With Christmas signs upon the wall,

The folks could hear old Santa call,

Merry Christmas and happy new year,

And to Kris Kringhaug the best of all dear.


Bert William Hunt

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