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Its been the kind of day that required two pots of coffee. From the time I woke up the emails have been beeping and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Why you ask? ¬†That’s the price you pay when you organize a community event, especially when its the deadline for registrations. Not only did that keep me busy but I also said yes to an interview for the local paper. I know, I forgot it was deadline day.

red potato field

I may complain once in a while but deep down I love being involved with my community. I live in the rural town of Ladner just outside of Vancouver, BC. Just close enough to go to the big city if I want some excitement but far enough way to see cows and horses in the fields, crops growing and that community feel when you walk uptown. There is nothing better than people saying hello when you walk down the street. Yes, here they do that! It’s that community feel that has kept me living here for over forty years.

Friday Flaunt- Surviving the Heat

It’s also a gardeners paradise. We have the warm ocean breezes that keep our winters mild and summers cool. Sure, I would love to live in California but I would probably melt in their heat. Ladner will always be my home.


We can also brag about our lovely Westham Island community where fruits and berries grow side by side with pumpkin fields galore. Here the city people come to pick locally grown food to take home. This part of Ladner is also home to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary where hundreds of different birds can be spotted.


Our little town has a distinct look in the older part of town with its heritage look buildings being a favourite place to film movies. It’s this uniqueness that has people wanting to move here. Would I ever move away? Definitely not.

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