Look What Santa Brought Me!

I was so excited on Christmas morning! Hubby knows I am crazy about gardening and last season I started a lot of seeds in our unheated greenhouse. So you can imagine how happy I was when I unwrapped a Grotek seedling heat mat. This will give me a head start in the greenhouse with my tiny seedlings. The mat was purchased from West Coast Seeds here in Delta. They have the most wonderful store within walking distance of my home. If you haven’t seen their new catalogue or checked out their new location, its a must.

Anyway getting back to the the seedling mat, it is a thick black plastic and this size will fit four black trays so that’s a lot of vegetable seedlings. The mat has a heating wire embedded in it and an outside thermostat.

When the greenhouse is cold in the spring, the mat will warm the root zone of the plants about 10-20F warmer than the air around it. Of course, when the greenhouse naturally starts to warm and gets too hot you wont need to use the heat mat. I can’t wait to try out the mat but its only December. All I can do now is order seeds and look lovingly out the window at my dormant garden. Its this rest right now that will give it life once again. Spring is just around the corner.

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