It’s Time for Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2019!

It's Time for Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2019!It’s almost time for Ladner Seedy Saturday, a fundraiser for the Ladner community Garden. So what is a Seedy Saturday event? Seedy Saturdays are held to celebrate seeds and to welcome the upcoming garden season. Seedy Saturdays focus on promoting seed sustainability, the growing of open pollinated seeds and savingĀ  seeds for future generations. Saving seeds has gone back for generations before large agricultural corporations existed. Families would grow a favourite fruit or vegetable and save seed from them to be grown from year to year. To this day some farmers still save seed but those numbers are dwindling. The home gardener often saves seed from their favourite plants but many choose to buy seed these days. In order to preserve heirloom varieties it’s up to us to grow out these plants for future generations.

It's Time for Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2019!

What we have to remember is some of the seed we buy is hybrid seed so it doesn’t come back true each year. You need to choose open pollinated seeds to have the same plant year after year. Seeds that are marked OP on the package signify that you can collect seed from them at the end of the season. If the seed package says hybrid, F1 or F2 it means the seed has been developed from two different parent plants. If you collect seed from a hybrid you will most likely get the more dominant traits in the next generation. Mind you if you continue to grow out hybrid seed, you may develop a plant you really love.

It's Time for Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2019!

At most Seedy Saturdays there is a seed swap where you can bring in your leftover seeds to trade. Perhaps you grew leeks last year but your family didn’t like them. Bring the seeds in a small envelope to Ladner Seedy Saturday to trade for something else. it’s just that easy. It’s a great way to try something new and share seed stories with other gardeners. This year we have flower, vegetable and herb seeds to trade. Many people ask to buy our seeds but if we do that we often run out of seeds to trade.

At Ladner Seedy Saturday there will be two wonderful garden speakers. Amanda Jarrett comes on stage first with her presentation on how to grow vegetables in containers. She will be planting up a container of vegetables for all to see. If you live in a small space and think you don’t have room for vegetables, this is the talk for you. I will be speaking in the afternoon about herbs and how easy they are to grow and use in the kitchen. Every garden big or small should grow herbs to attract pollinating insects. Amanda speaks at 10:30am and I will be speaking at 1:00pm.

It's Time for Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2019!

Ladner Seedy Saturday has vendors in the big hall selling everything from fresh vegetables, eggs, seeds and plants. The speakers will be presenting in the sanctuary. Admission is by donation to support the Ladner Community Garden. The community garden grows food to be used for different charities so its a worthwhile cause.

Ladner Seedy Saturday is being held at the All Saints Anglican Church located at 4755 Arthur drive in Delta. The event runs from 10:00am-3:00pm. There is lots of parking and the event is within walking distance of the historic village of Ladner where you will find quaint shops and places to eat.



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