I Feel Like Hibernating

Its been a long couple of weeks here in Delta. Fog has shrouded most of this community for almost two weeks. Do you like the fog? For a gardener it just makes things even grayer than they should be. I dream of faraway beaches in warmer climates at this time of year. Its time for a stack of good books, a cup of hot chocolate and a nice cosy throw while sitting in front of the fireplace. Okay, it’s not winter yet but we are not far off.  I know the first frost is not far away so its time to bring all those tender plants inside or close to the house.  Its time to batten down anything that will blow away with our winter winds that we will know will arrive. We just don’t know when it will happen.


The Dahlias need to lifted and stored, the roses tied in and cut back and lawn furniture stored away. I don’t like saying goodbye to fall but our winter could come early.

Leaves are Good Compost

There are leaves to be raked and placed on the gardens. When I say leaves, we have way more than we need. Leaving them on the garden makes a wonderful leaf mold which is easily raked away to expose spring bulbs in the spring.


One thing I know is even though I will be cleaning up the garden I will uncover some winter flowers. Yes, here in the Pacific Northwest, you can actually have flowers in the winter. The Viburnum bodnantense will send out its flowers in just a couple of weeks. The Primula will start to bloom and new blooms on Hellebores will show up.


The winter flowers and foliage are just enough to get me through the dark days of winter. I know I will exhale a sigh of relief once the garden is put to bed. I will put me feet up and begin to plan next years garden. It’s hard to believe but its only a month until the first seed catalogues arrive. Now that’s what I call winter reading!

This month I am linking over at the Nester to celebrate the 31 days of October.


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