Fall Blooming Cosmos-You Can Grow It!

Each fall our garden is filled with colour, from dahlias to heathers and sedums. In August I was checking out which seeds I could plant in the kitchen garden. I had harvested the onions and had a bed waiting to be used. I noticed that not only could I plant fall vegetables but it was time to plant Cosmos for fall blooms. Cosmos are one of the easiest plants to grow from seed and especially useful for new gardeners. Cosmos bipinnatus is a lovely annual suited for a cottage garden style.

Lets take a look at when and how to plant cosmos. Cosmos can be direct sown in the spring when the soil has warmed and then again in August. Just as the first crop is fading you will have new seedlings coming along to fill in the gaps.

Fall Blooming Cosmos-You Can Grow It!

It didn’t take me long to find some Cosmos seeds at the local garden shop. Most gardeners are familiar with this annual flower with its single petalled flowers in shades of pink, yellow and white. Not to sound uppity but why not grow a Cosmos with a bit more style? Check out the Cosmos ‘Double Click’ above with its pretty dark pink flowers. I found a seed package of mixed colours of the ‘Double Click’ Cosmos at my local seed shop.

Fall Blooming Cosmos-You Can Grow It!

Here is the ‘Double Click’ Cosmos in a lighter shade of pink. The plants grow to about 3′ high but require little support. If you find your plants need some support, use some twigs or bamboo supports to prop them up. I planted them in rows in a raised bed and they are still producing beautiful blooms.

Fall Blooming Cosmos-You Can Grow It!

My favourite of the ‘Double Click’ mix has to be the white one with its extra double flowers in a pure white. I will have to grow these in the spring for bouquets. Its stunning!

Fall Blooming Cosmos-You Can Grow It!

Each flower is a bit different with this one having a small collarette of petals in the center. Its got more of carefree look compared to the white flower.

Fall Blooming Cosmos-You can Grow It!

Cosmos like a well-drained soil and at least six hours of sun. This is Cosmos ‘Rose Bon Bon’ which I grew for the summer garden. It was started by winter sowing the seeds in milk jugs back in February. What I love about Cosmos is they are drought tolerant. If left to go to seed, you may be lucky enough to have them return next season. I always collect seeds from my Cosmos and this one is no exception. How could I not plant them again next year?

9 thoughts on “Fall Blooming Cosmos-You Can Grow It!

  1. HI Kristin,
    I recently found your site and am enjoying it so much. I’m in Southern California, zone 9, just a notch higher than yours. I too, grow all year round as many veggies as I can in my community garden, but mixed with flowers, bulbs and herbs. I love the cottage garden look. I’ve grown the Sensation cosmos that reseed so easily, but this year I’ll grow, and I can’t wait to see them flowering, some of the more unusual cosmos that you mentioned, packets given out at one of our community garden get togethers. Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks for coming to visit my garden Sharon. I love being out in the garden. I love old fashioned flowers like cosmos, foxglove, godetia and poppies.

      1. Hi Kristin! :-). I have a beautiful back yard with a cottage look. Im new at gardening, and would love to know if I can plant all the wildflowers you mentioned above in the fall by seed?. Hope you can help 🙂 .

  2. I happened upon your site while searching to see if I could sow fall cosmos. I became aware of their loveliness on my first visit to Maine many years ago and have always included them in my cottage garden. A graceful beauty!

  3. Thank You….I’m in Michigan and will throw some cosmo seeds in a few pots tomorrow….I was hoping they would work in August.

  4. So happy I found this…I love cosmos but didn’t get many to grow this year here in Louisiana we had a rainy summer…however I will be trying cosmos in August …going to plant some this evening! Thank you…

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