Home Grown Bouquets are the Best!


Have you ever wondered where all those beautiful store-bought flowers come from? Most of our flowers are imported from countries in ┬áSouth America. What a huge carbon footprint we are using to get them to our homes! So I have an idea. Why not promote locally grown flowers? They are just as nice and if you buy from your local farmers market or roadside stand, you will most likely get a bouquet of flowers without any pesticides on them. Yes, most of the flowers we import are laden with pesticides. To think we buy bouquets and take them to sick people in the hospital makes me think twice about where I buy my flowers. Debra Prinzing wrote a book called ‘Slow Flowers’ which is about creating bouquets from locally grown flowers. She even covers all four season. So why are we not doing that here?

august bouqets

I was asked to an engagement party last weekend. I knew I wanted to bring some flowers. You see the bride has not decided on flowers yet. The wedding is next July so why not take a few different bouquets to show her what local flowers are available. In the bouquet above, I placed Pink Phlox, Buddleia, purple Hydrangea, Lavender, Dahlia ‘Little Showoff’, purple Zinnias, hot pink Sweet Peas and a Blue Hydrangea. This is just from my garden. I am sure there are lots of other flowers that could be grown for a July wedding.

July bouquet

I am more of a pastel person but I had so many hot colours in the garden I gave it a whirl. Here I have Cotinus foliage, red and orange Zinnias, Alstromeria, Dahlia ‘Mango Sunset’, Dahlia ‘Honka’, Rudbeckia, Calendula and Marigolds. I used mason jars for vases for each bouquet.

July bouquet

I like the blue and white theme on this bouquet. Here I used blue Hydrangea, white Dahlias, white Sweet Peas, Shasta Daisies and Senecio foliage for its silver highlights.

July bouquet

I realized quickly that using jam jars with old labels didn’t look very good. I came across this foil wrap and wrapped it around the jar and added ribbon to match.

blue & white flowers for July wedding

This jar was wrapped using blue fabric and tied with blue ribbon. I used what I had on hand.

Pink bouquet  for July wedding

I had pink tissue left over so I used it on the lavender-pink bouquet. It was fun to take the flowers to the party. The bride to be was surprised but couldn’t decide on any particular bouquet. She loved them all. We will see which flowers lasted the longest and take it from there. You want your bouquet to be able to last for a couple of days. You may need to make the arrangements the night before.


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  1. Those are beautiful. I should be getting my allotment soon and I’ll definitely be growing some flowers for cutting. I am terrible at flower arranging but amazing at stuffing a handful of sweet peas in a jam jar. You are right that buying cut flowers is terrible for the environment. All that plastic packaging too!

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