Getting Ready for the First School Garden Class

September is here and my busy time has arrived. Along with lectures and garden classes I am trying to organize another session of school garden classes for a grade three class.  Now that the weather has cooled down a bit its time to get things ship shape. I hope to have the grade three class come to the garden at the end of this month.

Getting ready for the first school garden class

The pumpkins have really grown. I grew the Hayden pumpkins with the grade three class in June but I didn’t expect them to get so large. We use the pumpkins to make pumpkin soup in the fall. That way the children get a bit of a cooking lesson. I just hope we can lift these ones.

Getting ready for the first school garden class

Today I noticed that some of the peas had dropped from harvesting our crop in June and they have germinated. I found a yellowed pod of peas on the soil so I planted them. Why not? Our forecast looks promising so perhaps we will have a fall crop. Here our first frost is normally around the first week of November.

Getting ready for the first school garden class

What was really fun today was I had taken a few seeds to plant in one of the raised beds. While I was watering a woman and two children came by to play in the garden. Schools are out on strike here in BC so I ventured over to where they were sitting and I proceeded to start taking my plant markers and pens out for making labels. I looked at the children and asked them if they missed school. They said yes. I asked them if they would like to help me make the plant markers. Did they want to write the names of the plants on them? I explained that the students would be coming late in the month and I was planting now so something would be growing. I told them the food was for the food bank. I got a raised eyebrow from the nine-year old. I then thanked them for helping me with the labels and asked if they wanted to plant the seeds. They definitely did. It wasn’t something the younger child had done but the older child said he had planted some seeds at school once. The garden bed above is now full of spinach, corn salad, cilantro and mesclun.

getting ready for the first school garden class

Well, with the first task done, the children wanted to take some seeds and a pot of soil home. Luckily I was able to find a couple of one gallon pots and I had lots of soil. I showed them the strawberries and explained that if the runners on the strawberries didn’t find a new home soon, I may have to cut them off. That clinched it. Both children happily planted a strawberry runner and carried it home along with some seeds to plant at home. Its times like this that make me remember why I love to work with children. It made for a fun morning at the community garden and I made some new friends. Isn’t that what gardening is all about?

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