Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- December 2015

Its Garden Bloggers Bloom Day again and I really didn’t think I would see much in bloom today. By 2:30pm it was already getting dark and gloomy with a threat of more rain on the way. I am counting the days until the winter solstice arrives next week. Imagine,  a little more light will arrive in one week.  Nothing makes a gardener more excited than this!

I walked the garden to not only see how plants were doing but to check if everything was in one piece after our recent wind storms. With so many trees in the garden, we hold our breath each time a storm comes our way. Each tree lost means less habitat for the wildlife that call our garden home. Luckily our trees have done well  with only a few small branches dropping to the ground. Signs of raccoon play are in the garden as they found a small squash near the front door and used it as a soccer ball one night. Considering all the rain we have had the garden isn’t submerged this year. What pooled yesterday has drained away quickly.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- December 2015

Lets see what I found in the garden today. The winter Jasmine is in full bloom beside the tool shed this month. This plant blooms its heart out all winter. It loves its new location and is planted in a large container in a shady protected location.  Yellow single petalled flowers normally appear on leafless green stems but as you can see, this plant still has its leaves. Actually quite a few plants have their leaves still. Its been a late fall of up and down temperatures and the plants are not sure whats happening. One week it drops to -7C and the next we revel in 10C warmth.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- December 2015

The Viburnum bodnantense is amazing this year. It’s still in bloom with clusters of pink fragrant flowers. This shrub is fully mature and about ten feet high and wide. I was asked last night on gardenchat what my favourite winter plant is. This is it. I see it from all the front windows and my office. How can you not love a plant that flowers from November to February?

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- December 2015

I love Violas. They are best planted in September so they can get their roots established. They will be in bloom until late spring here on the south coast of BC. I usually remove them once I am ready to plant out my annual flowers.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-December 2015

Of course, no garden should be without Heather. There are hundreds of different kinds. This pink one does well in my garden. ( Blurry picture, I need a new camera please Santa.) I will be doing more cuttings from this plant. I need to have a few more in the garden. Notice the top left of the above photo. That’s a tulip trying to come up. The garden is confused as many of the species tulips are up about six inches. I am not worried too much as they are tough plants. They will still bloom in the spring. My question is, will spring be early? I think so. I have lettuce growing in the greenhouse and I should start some perennial flowers soon. Last year we had our hot weather arrive in May meaning our cool season vegetables bolted and set seed. I am thinking that we may need to adjust our planting schedule around our new climate. Instead of planting seed in March maybe we should be thinking about planting earlier. I have placed my first seed orders for 2016. I am eager to get my hands back in the soil once again. I live to garden, its my passion. It’s a good thing winters are short and mild here. It means a short rest before signs of spring arrive.

Today I am joining bloggers from all over the world to share whats in bloom in our gardens over at May Dreams Gardens.

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    1. Heather, the jasmine is hardy in zones 6-9. I garden in zone 8a. Glad you have pines for green in the garden. At least the trees have lovely branching patterns. Its always nice to enjoy the branching while the leaves are off.

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