Friday Flowers-My Thrift Shop Surprise Finally Blooms

It’s amazing how fast a garden grows while you are away. I walked the garden today to see many flowers out in bloom. Most of my Roses have begun to fade but much more has taken the stage.


Salpiglossis or painted tongue is doing well in places that gets lots of sun to areas of partial shade. It is said that these plants do not tolerate hot weather but I think they like our coastal climate.


This is the best Rose in the garden now with large clusters of deep rose-coloured flowers. It had a late start with some winter damage but it’s doing better.


The Godetia is an annual that I collect seed from each year. It’s a mass of blooms now but I can tell it needs a bit of deadheading already. So much catching up to do in the garden after a week away.

Dahlia 'Wheels'

Dahlia ‘Wheels’ is on fire but each year I see the colours not quite as defined as it was in the first year.

Dahlia 'Moonlight Mist'

Its taken Dahlia ‘ Moonlight Mist’ a couple of years to really develop. It loves its home in a container this year. Yes, I ran out of room for the Dahlias. You would think with a half-acre garden I would be able to squeeze it in but sunny areas are prime space for vegetables this year.


More Salpiglossis in a too small of a container. When will I remember how tall they get? Containers line the deck and sidewalk waiting to go back to their garden homes. Keeping them all together made it easy to water while I was away.

Dahlia 'Honka'

Dahlia ‘Honka’ is a novelty Dahlia that I have had for about three years. Its reflexed petals are what makes the flowers so unique.

Dahlia 'Little showoff'

I collect all the collarette Dahlias that I can find. This one is Dahlia ‘ Little Showoff’ which I was able to find at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in early spring. For its first season, its growing and blooming well.


While looking at gardens in Portland, I heard someone remark that they never put pink and orange together. Here it is, but not on purpose. I grew a mix of Lilliput Zinnias and you don’t know the colours until they bloom. Mother nature puts all sorts of colours together and so will I. Check out the Thai basil in full bloom in the center front. Not only does it have purple stems and flowers, now it’s getting tiny white centers.

Dahlia 'Mango sunset'

Okay, this is probably the heaviest bloomer for my garden. Dahlia ‘Mango Sunset’ is definitely a show stopper and one that I will continue to grow and propagate. Not one of my Dahlias can match the blooms carried on this plant.


This Hydrangea was given to me last fall when my daughter moved to a home without a patio. Wasn’t I lucky? I have never owned a pink Hydrangea until now. It’s in full sun and loving it so far.


The last flower I have to share is one I acquired last year. Yes, this is my thrift shop plant from last fall. You can read about it here. I came home to see the flowers had opened to a rich purple. What is happening with the others which seem much taller? I have a feeling they will be white. Is it a white Liatris? We will soon find out.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Flowers-My Thrift Shop Surprise Finally Blooms

  1. My first visit here, what a beautiful garden! I love dahlias and should grow some, especially after seeing all your varieties. You have a stunning pink hydrangea there, too. It was a pleasure to stroll your garden this morning!

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