Flowers of the Yucatan Peninsula

I think I must have been the only person in our hotel taking photos of flowers.I loved seeing the tropical plants in the gardens.

Yup, that was me reaching to grab the high branch with the best blooms on it. I think the staff thought I was a little crazy.

This blue morning glory is what caught my eye the next day. My morning glory has long since died back to the earth so I was surprised to see this one and a few other colors as well. It is a weed here and over runs the jungle areas like the white morning glory does in the Pacific Northwest. Makes me glad I don’t see my friend morning glory until next March.

I did love the Hibiscus growing way over my head at times. If only I could grow this lovely plant outside!

The landscape around our hacienda was filled with what we northerners call indoor plants.

I love the colors of the Crotons with the purple foliage in front of it.

In the native areas chilies grew on shrubs.You have to look close to see the tiny fruit just forming.

This garden was in front of the Coba resort at Gran Bahia Principe. This planting reminded me of an octopus.

More flowers were found on the patios of our hotel. Look at this arrangement, its beautiful. It drove me crazy to see them redo the flowers everyday. I tried to ask them about the flowers but language barriers defied us.

2 thoughts on “Flowers of the Yucatan Peninsula

  1. I have a friend should lives in Canada and has the hibiscus in a pot outside during the summer and brings it indoors in the cold months. It grows very well.

    1. I should try growing hibiscus. They are so beautiful! I need to return to visit more gardens in Mexico. Thanks for dropping by today.

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