Blooms on New Years Day!

I woke up on this beautiful first day of 2014 to see the sun shining. What a great start to the new year! I couldn’t help it. I just had to go for a walk in the garden. It seems like such a long winter and I can’t wait to get my hands in the soil again. The soil is still too wet to do anything in the garden. All I can do is make plans for the upcoming garden season. What will I grow? Will there be garden changes? I have my seed catalogues to keep me going during the planning stages. One thing I will be doing is growing more food.

winter flowers

I was surprised to see the winter Jasmine in full bloom. We had a hummingbird visiting these flowers over the Christmas break. I don’t have feeders out for the birds as we let a lot of our flowers go to seed in the fall. With a waterway behind us, our garden is always full of wildlife. I love watching the birds come for a visit.


There are definite signs that the weather is maybe a bit too warm for January. The shoots of Daylilies are showing already. Seeing new growth makes me want to clear away some of the leaf cover but I know better. There is more cold weather on its way.


The Viburnum bodnantense is blooming away with its fragrant pink flowers. I told someone last week that I thought this was a shrub everyone should have. They responded that it isn’t pretty enough in the summer. I figure anything that blooms on the grey wet days of the west coast is a good plant. It makes you feel like spring is around the corner.


I found one lone Primula in bloom today. Its looking pretty wet from last nights rain. I must remember to clear away the leaves for these early bloomers.


This photo was taken last week just after Christmas. Do you know what it is? Looks like the Crocuses are already trying to come up. They are in a south-facing garden so they will be my earliest blooms. Although they are in the green, there won’t be any blooms until the end of this month.

So what is blooming in your garden today?


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