About Me

My name is Kristin and I am passionate about gardening. Here you will read about my ventures into both food  and flower gardening since they go hand in hand with each other. I am an organic gardener who believes in trying to be as sustainable as I can. From reusing what mother nature provides to recycling in the garden, I want to do my best for the earth.

I live on the southwest  coast of British Columbia in zone 8 which allows me to grow  vegetables year round. My garden is a half-acre in size with a quarter of it devoted to growing food. This garden has been full of adventures from beavers, skunks, turtles and raccoons and most recently an owl who likes to dive-bomb us. I have been gardening for over forty years and started when I purchased my first home.

I have four children and five grandchildren who I love to be with. My husband, Farmer Jim, does a lot of the grunt work in this garden from building to helping me where he can.

I am the founder and past president  of the Ladner Community Garden and teach sustainable gardening workshops for my community. I am a certified master gardener with a diploma in horticulture.  I love writing about my gardening experiences and welcome questions on all aspects of gardening.

Are you looking for a garden speaker? Check out my speaking schedule for topics I regularly speak about.

Our garden is open for tours and wedding photo sessions during the growing season from April to September. Contact me to set up a date for your group.

You can also find me on twitter at @deltagardener and on Facebook at That Bloomin’ Garden