A Special Wedding Memory with Flowers

The other day I posted about the wedding flowers I was picking for a wedding today. Well, the day has come and the flowers are all ready to go. I had to look for yellow, white and blue flowers. The yellow and white flowers are easy to find at this time of year but blue, not so much. With five of us gathering flowers we were surprised at how much blue we could find. We had so many flowers to choose from, it was hard to decide what to use.  Best thing about this is when friends give flowers to friends for a wedding, the cost is free. With all the expense of wedding flowers, being able to create your own centerpieces gives the wedding a personal touch. I was so thrilled to be part of this special day.

This wedding is special for me as I belonged to a post natal group 23 years ago and enjoyed getting together with a fun group of women. It was very supportive to discuss our babies and trade stories. Well, those babies are now 23 years old and a few of us still meet once in a while. Nowadays the baby group has become a mom’s group and we will forever be friends by the bond that was created many years ago. So it was with great pleasure that when the first of the babies announced he was getting married we started talking flowers. We knew the colours for the wedding were cobalt blue and yellow. With a wedding in August, garden flowers are beginning to look a bit tired so I advised the groom’s mother to purchase a few buckets of Dahlias from a local grower. Believe it or not, he sells them in huge buckets for around $4.50. Now that’s not per stem but for a bucket full of blooms. How much did we use? Maybe 3 buckets worth. That’s a very good price.

august wedding flowers

My dear friend, Darlene, is deep in thought as she prepares the wedding centerpieces. I imagine as mother of the groom she has a million things to do before the wedding. What an exciting time for her!  An assortment of jugs and tiny vases in the wedding colours were used to hold the flowers. The theme for the wedding is rustic elegance as the wedding is taking place on a farm. I love a more casual arrangement and the fact that each one was a bit different.

August wedding flowers

This is a sample of the finished arrangements. We used Rudbeckia, Coreopsis, Snapdragons and Dahlias for the yellow colour needed. Feverfew, white Dahlias, Shasta Daisies, Sweet Peas and Baby’s Breath were used for the white colour.  We also used evergreens such as Laurel and Choisya for filler and some grasses and Fennel as well. The Fennel was unique as it added fragrance, a tinge of yellow and was a great filler.  For blue flowers we had Hydrangeas, Bachelors Buttons and Centaurea montana.


Each centerpiece was placed on a  mirror on the dining tables. The use of mirrors just made the arrangements look fabulous.


You can see how the reflection has such a lovely effect.


A couple of the ladies who helped made these fabulous floral displays for using outside in the field where the wedding will take place. Each bushel basket had a five gallon pail of water placed inside. I think these are amazing and wish I was this talented. The baskets are full of blue Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Baby’s Breath, Rudbeckia, Feverfew and Laurel. Don’t they look amazing? Click on the photo for a better look.

As I write this the bride to be is busy getting ready for her big day. Congratulations to Brian and Katy on your wedding day!!!  May life bring everything you wish for.

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