A New Year Brings Promise

I love the new year. Its full of promise and hope. The arrival of new growth in the garden is a short time away and I sit watching anxiously for signs of spring. The winters here are short but wet. If we are lucky the last of our snow will arrive in January and February will be  one of sun and surprises in the garden.


The Primula will soon arrive at the shops begging us to take them home. A few of these in a basket brightens up a dreary January day. If you are lucky to have them in the garden , they will begin to bloom soon.


This white Primula has been in bloom all winter. It just hasn’t been that cold this year.



Before long our favourite Crocuses will be in bloom bringing bees to the garden. That’s when you know spring is not far off.

You Know You are a Seedaholic When...

Until spring arrives I will be content to sift through my mound of seed packages seeing what I have left. I will be planning my summer garden and ordering new seeds. January is the time to peruse new seed catalogues over a cup of coffee. Dare to try some new flower or vegetable this year. I know I will be. Think about perhaps growing some food for the local food bank. Before we know it, spring will be here bringing mother natures miracle of growth to our lives. I can’t wait!


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