The Blog is Nine Years Old!

Can you believe it? My garden blog turns nine today and I am happy to say I still love to write. I remember when I first started writing. I had just retired and after the holiday season was over I was bored. I had always wanted to write and decided to take my passion for gardening a bit further. I had been gardening for thirty years, then became a master gardener and went on to get my diploma in horticulture from the University of Guelph.

I had chosen to stay with my full time job instead of pursuing anything in the hort field. I guess I was playing it safe as the job had a very good pension and benefits, things that many people don’t have these days. It also allowed me to take an early retirement and start doing what I was always passionate about. So here I am still in the throws of having fun doing what I love best.

The Blog is Nine Years Old!

I hope to get back on a better writing schedule this year. I admit I have been a bit of a slacker in the writing department and devoting too much time to my Facebook page. As most of us know people like their information in short bites, things they can watch and read on their phones. I am really enjoying the conversations I have on the page so please drop by one day and say hello. I will continue to write about gardening here as I always have.

I am so excited for 2019. I am already booked for several speaking engagements and have planted the first seeds of the year. Who would have ever thought back in 2010 that this blog would help me get to the point of being a public speaker and doing talks and garden classes? I want to thank you for inspiring me with your garden questions and solutions.

2 thoughts on “The Blog is Nine Years Old!

  1. Hi Kristen, I was so happy to find your blog on old fashioned Chrysanthemums as I’m am growing them too, here on the east coast of Australia. I am new to this and have a question. My Mums flowered beautifully for the first time last May (Autumn here) and I cut them right back after flowering. They’ve been flowering again at the end of Spring, beginning of Summer but not doing very well. It might be too hot ? 30+ degrees C most days now. When should I cut them back again? At the moment they have half formed buds and small flowers. I really want lots of flowers for Mothers’ Day in May here this year. Mine are white exactly like the yellow one in your old blog. Hoping for any advice you can give. Thanks, Wendy.

    1. Let me check for you Wendy. If I remember right Chrysanthemums are short day plants and bloom set is dependant on shorter days of less than 11 hours. Thats why they bloom in late fall here which is November and May in your neck of the woods. My plants are cut back in the spring so they look pretty ragged all winter. I wait until I see new growth at the base and then cut the old stems off. If you had a mild spring your mums could bloom and should be cut back right after flowering so they can bloom again in the fall. I hope that makes sense. Your early bloom is weather related.

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