Best Dollar Store Garden Hack for Containers

I was so excited this summer when I found the best dollar store hack for my containers. I have a couple of woven resin containers that came with plastic liners but the problem was the liners were only about 4″ deep and falling apart. When you use shallow containers they dry out way too quickly. I have enough to water with a half acre of gardens. I wanted to use only a couple of containers this summer.  So what could I do to come up with a solution?

Best Dollar Store Garden Hack for Containers

I happened to be in my local Dollarama store and saw this planting bag and wondered how it would work. At first I thought I would try it out as is just to see if it really worked as a garden bed. I was skeptical about it. After all it was only $3.50.

When I received plants from Proven Winners in late May I realized I would have to create a  container planting. My garden was full, I had no other option. I decided to see if the planting bag would fit inside the tall slender containers.

Best Dollar Store Garden Hack for Containers

As you can see the bag fit not too badly and I filled it with soil gradually making sure to allow the bag to expand to each side. Once the container was filled with soil all I had to do was add some organic fertilizer and get the plants in.

Best Dollar Store Garden Hack for Containers

So how did the planting bag work over the garden season? I found that because the bag is a felt like material it actually helped to keep moisture in without being waterlogged. The planting bag  allowed water to drain well.

Best Dollar Store Garden Hack for Containers

Yesterday I had to start emptying my containers to prepare for winter. Would the planting bags still be intact after five months of watering and having to hold multiple plants? As you can see the plants were very happy in this container. I carefully dug out each plant, some to compost and some to overwinter. I say carefully because I hoped the planting bag would be in one piece. I had several people say it would mold or bottom out. I had no idea what to expect. Of course, at $3.50  it wasn’t a huge loss if it did.

Best Dollar Store Garden Hack for Containers

I am happy to say that the planting bags came out in one piece. Yes, fibrous roots grew through the fabric a bit but they will die off. I had to brush away a few sow bugs from underneath and I let the bags dry in the sun. They will be stored in the garage and reused next spring.

So never discount a dollar store garden hack until you have tried it. You just never know, it may work after all. Have you had success with dollar store garden merchandise? I would love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “Best Dollar Store Garden Hack for Containers

  1. Hi Kristin!
    what a coincidence I too purchased one of these planting “bags” at the $ store PLUS I did get 2 of those resin planters this summer. Have not used the bag yet as I wanted to place it on top of a lawn area initially and we have had too much going on for me to get to it all. So looking fwd to using it come Spring ..!! Thanks for the tips from your experience ,

    Carole G.

  2. Just use there green shopping bags. They work great The Dollarama Green non woven shopping bags. If you want you can double them up. Then they are the thickness of a non woven grow bag. Walmart non woven bags and Canadian tire non woven shopping bags are the best they are black and a tad thicker.

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