My Best All American Selection Plants for 2018

As I walked the garden today I thought about which plants were the best of the All American Selections that I grew from seed this year. This spring I received a box of seeds from the All American Selections. In the box was an array of seeds, both flowers and vegetables. You know me, I am a bit of a seedaholic so I couldn’t wait to try them out. I grow all of my annual vegetables and flowers from seed. Why from seed? There is so much more choice when it comes to growing from seed. The seeds were free and received by liking their Facebook Page. I love to connect with other gardeners and wanted to learn more about the All American Selections.

My Best All American Selection Plants for 2018
Zinnia Queeny Lime Orange

Once I received the seeds I had to sit down and plan where they would go. I love soft pastel colours in the flower garden but what colours would I use this year? In the seed box I received seeds for Zinnia ‘Queeny Lime Orange’. Now I love Zinnias as they hold their blooms for such a long time and make a great cut flower. I already had Heliotrope planted as I love fragrance in the garden. It was then that I realized the flower garden would be a mix of peachy orange and purples. I had a few Purple Prince Zinnia seeds so I started those as well.

My Best All American selection Plants for 2018
Gypsophila Gypsy White Improved

Now what could I place along the border of this garden? I wanted something low growing so I planted seeds of Gypsophila ‘Gypsy White Improved’. This baby’s breath is compact and flowers all summer. It was just what I needed. Regular Gypsophila is not sold here anymore as its invasive but this plant is a hybrid so I doubt it will self sow like its cousin. Out of all the seeds received from All American Selection, the baby’s breath is now my favourite. Its compact, flowers well in full sun and part shade and is great in containers. I now wish had grown more of this cute border plant. It only grows about six inches high and wide but its only July so it may spread a bit more as summer progresses.

My Best All American Selection Plants for 2018
Pole Bean Seychelles

In the kitchen garden I planted a pole bean called Seychelles around my obelisk and I am now picking tender long pole beans every couple of days. That is if they get as far as the kitchen. Yes, I love raw beans.

My Best All American Selection Plants for 2018
Mascotte bush bean

I also planted a couple of rows of ‘Mascotte’ bush beans that grow about 10″ high and wide. Another win from the All American Selections! This fillet bush bean would be perfect for small spaces and it produces loads of beans.

My Best All American Selection Plants for 2018
Pepper Escamillo

I am one of those gardeners that grows to fill the freezer for winter meals so I was ecstatic to get some pepper seeds. I have peppers in raised beds and in containers¬† and grew both Escamillo and Habanero Roulette F1 peppers from the All American Seed collection. The Escamillo are still green and about 4″ long. They are a sweet yellow cone-shaped pepper so I can’t wait to try them out. The Habenero Roulette pepper is smaller growing to 3″. This Habanero has no heat which is probably a good thing for this family. I like to grow peppers for fresh eating, for homemade pizza and Italian dishes. The Habanero is 120 days to harvest so it will be awhile before I can harvest. I have all the peppers growing in full sun and recently used a leaf mold to mulch them and keep the soil from drying out.

My Best All American Selection Plants for 2018
Tomato Red Racer

I also planted two new tomatoes this spring, Valentine and Red Racer. I am now harvesting Valentine tomatoes by the handful. This indeterminate tomato is early with it being 55 days to harvest. Because its indeterminate it does need a good support as it can grow to 6′ high. The fruit on this tomato is super sweet, one of the best I have grown. The Red Racer tomato is finally ripe so we are having them for dinner tonight. Nothing beats homegrown tomatoes in a Greek salad.

You can buy Mascotte beans at West Coast Seeds and you can find the other selections on the All American Selections list of retail outlets.

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