Learn How to Grow Vegetables All Year Round

Learn How to Grow Vegetables All Year RoundWould you like to learn how to grow your own food all year round? Living on the south coast of British Columbia means we are often warmer than most areas of the country during winter. With careful planning in late summer you can harvest from your garden all winter long.

Learn How to Grow Vegetables All Year Round

I will be speaking at the South Delta Garden Club on January 16, 2018. The garden club meets at 4594 54-A street in Ladner at the Ladner Christina Reformed Church. I will be starting my talk at 7:30pm but the doors open at 7:00pm. Guests are welcome so come out and see what the garden club has to offer. The South Delta Garden Club was formerly known as the Evergreen Garden Club and was established in 1952. Wow! That makes this garden club 65 years old. The club is a wonderful group of like-minded gardeners with a passion for growing everything from flowers to vegetables. What I love is learning from each other about different plants and other aspects of gardening. Gardening is a hobby that has you learning all the time.

Learn How To Grow Vegetables All Year Round

During my talk I will go over the some of the basics of vegetable gardening from design, crop rotation, plant selection and overwintering crops.Please bring your questions and I will try to answer them. Last years weather posed a few problems. Often we think we have done something wrong in the garden but mother nature pulls stunts on us that we aren’t aware of. Last spring was so cold, a lack of pollination affected many fruit growers. Were you one of them? Did you have a pest problem last summer? Let’s see how we can solve your pest issues using integrated pest management techniques. Join us on January 16 and we will talk about vegetable growing year round.

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