Three of My Favourite Recipes to Enjoy This Winter

Three of My Favourites Recipes to Enjoy This Winter

As we prepare for the holiday season I am sharing three of my favourite recipes to enjoy this winter. Now that garden season has wrapped up for most of us I thought I would share how I use some of my harvest. Much of the harvest was either frozen, dried or canned. There is nothing better than enjoying the flavours of the garden in the middle of winter.

Three of My Favourite Recipes to Enjoy This Winter

Tayberry Cream Cheese Pie

I love pie, who doesn’t?¬† Here is a link to my Tayberry Cream Cheese pie recipe.What’s a tayberry? Tayberries are a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. I always make jam from tayberries as well but this pie recipe is a keeper. It’s served at holiday dinners and has just the right amount of tart from the berries that go so well with whipped cream. The bottom layer is something I created to add a bit more flavour.

Three of My Favourite Recipes to Enjoy This Winter


I always grow more basil than I need for the two of us but there is always room for pesto in the freezer. I like to use pesto as a layer in lasagna or as a base for homemade pizza to replace tomato sauce. It’s quick to make once the basil is washed and dried. Tossing a few tablespoons of pesto over warm pasta is an excellent meal and can be eaten warm or cold.¬†Here is my favourite pesto recipe. Can You Say Pesto?

Three of My Favourite Recipes to Enjoy This Winter

Pear Pie

Last year I had a bumper crop of bosc pears. We had so much fruit that I was looking online to find pie recipes. I know, I love pie and pear pie is so delicious. The warm flavour of pears mixed with a creamy sauce is that melt in your mouth kind of pie. Now this recipe is from Betty Crocker and uses apples but I substituted sliced pears. Impossibly Easy French Apple Pie

Do you have favourite recipes from the garden? I have many and really should create a cookbook but the garden keeps me too busy.

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