Support Your Local BC Seed Growers

Support Your Local BC Seed Growers

It’s time to support your local BC seed growers. I have just returned from the BC Seed Gathering where farmers, seed growers and seed savers met to discuss everything related to seed. From checking out seed cleaning machines to organizing Seedy Saturday events, there was a focus group for everyone attending. I had wanted to attend this event for several years. I wanted to get to know who was growing our BC seed. Think about it, do you know where your seed has been grown? It takes a dedicated seed grower to grow local seed and many people are not aware of the importance of this group of farmers. We think of farmers as the ones that grow our food but who produces the seed to grow those crops? Who produces local seed that is more suited to our climate?

Support Your Local BC Seed Growers

A seed grower carefully grows out plants until they flower and produce seed. On some plants this can take two years if its a biennial vegetable. Seed is collected and cleaned to separate the seed from the chaff. Chaff are the stems, leaves and bits of petals that need to be removed so you will be able to buy clean seed. The presence of chaff with your seed could lead to diseases or pests so it’s carefully separated from the seed using seed cleaning machines or simple screens.

Support Your Local BC Seed Growers

Why should you buy local seed? By buying local you are supporting our farmers who work so hard to feed us. Ask when you buy your seed where it comes from. Did you know that seed grown locally is better suited to our climate?

Farmers talked about seed quality at the BC Seed Gathering and many said that after years of using their own seed, some crops improved and developed better pest resistance. Not only do seeds from your local growers germinate better, they grow better. I know that when I save seed from my garden it always grows better than ones I may buy at the store. The seed I collect is used to the microclimate in my garden and always germinates well. If you don’t collect your own seed I have compiled a list of seed companies below. It’s time to think about our 2018 garden and there is nothing better than looking at seed catalogues on a cold winter day.

Here is a list of our BC Seed Producers:

BC Eco Seed Coop

Vegetables, herbs, grains, flowers, organic seed

Brother Nature Organic Seeds

Herbs, vegetables, perennial, annual and tomato seed

Eagleridge Seeds

Endangered species, herbs, flowers and vegetable seed

Full Circle Seeds

Vegetables, herbs, grains and  flower seed

Green Space Designs Organic Seeds

Flowers, herbs and vegetable seed

Naramata Seed Company

Tomatoes, peppers, squash & other vegetable seed

Planting Seeds Project

Heirloom and heritage flower, vegetable and herb seed

Ravensong Seeds

Medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers, vegetables and garlic

Salt Spring Seeds

Vegetable, flower, grain and herb seed

Seeds of the Revolution-Saanich Organics

Vegetable, flower and herb seed

Stellar Seeds

Vegetable, flower and herb seed

Sunshine Farm Seeds

Vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds


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