Gift Ideas for the Gardener in the Family

Gift Ideas for the Gardener in the Family

There are so many great gift  ideas for the gardener in the family. Each year I wish for a load of soil or manure but my family never obliges. Just kidding, no one will buy you soil for Christmas but it’s always worth a try. So what do you get a gardener that has almost everything? Let’s look at a few of my favourites.


Gift Ideas for the Gardener in the Family

Tools are a great gift as they get lots of wear and are so easy to lose in the garden. Trust me, my garden fork went missing in early spring and I still haven’t found it. Tools need to be red or orange to show up in the garden. The best tool I used this summer was a combination of fork and hoe from Corona Tools. I happened to be at the Northwest Flower and Garden show in February and Corona Tools had a booth there. The tool on the left is called the Comfort Gel Hoe & Cultivator and its amazing. The hoe end is wickedly sharp and gets at the roots of weeds with ease.

Another Corona favourite is the Comfort Gel Scoop. I plant up thousands of pots in early spring and use this scoop to fill each 4″ pot. It’s the perfect size for the amount of soil for each pot and the depth of the scoop means soil doesn’t get wasted. Those shallow trowels just aren’t up to the task.

The Comfort Gel Transplanter is one of my most used tools in the garden. See the serrated edge on the side. I use this to help divide plants in the garden. I notice it’s recommended for opening bags of soil and that’s sure better than using my car keys. Don’t tell hubby I used to do that.

Gift Cards:

Yes that’s right, gift cards are awesome especially if it’s from a garden centre or seed company. Think about where your gardener usually shops. Does she like to order plants online or buy them at her favourite independent garden centre? All shops have gift cards and they are always put to use in early spring. Perhaps your gardener would like a membership at the closest botanical garden or garden club. I know I would. Perhaps your gardener needs pampering at this time of the year. We have dirt in our fingernails for ten months of the year so pick up a gift certificate for a pedicure, massage or spa day. Winter is the time of year we gardeners get to dress up so a night on the town is also welcome. After all, we spend more time in grubby clothes getting things done and it’s a treat to dress up in the winter.


Yes, gardeners love new clothes just like everyone else. For the plant nerd in the family there are an array of great t-shirts. Have you seen the latest line from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show? I love the t-shirt that says ‘Plant Whisperer’ on it but you have to browse the site to see the other cute sayings. You can see their shop here.

Gift Ideas for the Gardener in the Family

Boots are indispensable for the home gardener. We are out in the garden in all sorts of weather and boots need to be warm enough to use in winter but cool enough to wear in summer. Mudruckers Waterproof Footwear is amazing. I used to wear waterproof ankle boots but if you do a lot of bending they tend to split. There is nothing worse that a leaky boot. I now wear mid calf height Mudruckers and really look like a farmer. I had to search around before I found these boots and most are sold at tack and feed stores.

Still Stumped?

Gift Ideas for the Gardener in the Family

Why not put together a collection of seed catalogues, seeds, garden gloves or a good garden book and make up a gift basket for the gardener? You can add in a bird house, gift card or hand cream depending on what they like. In the basket above I added a solar tea light, some gardeners twine, a few tools, some seeds, velcro tape for plant support and some gloves. The basket is perfect for harvesting during the summer.

So there you go, a few ideas for the gardener on your list. The holiday season can be challenging for many of us. I hope this helps you find something for the gardener in the family.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote these products. They are ones I use everyday and I love them.


2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for the Gardener in the Family

  1. Great list, Kristin!

    Another idea is to offer your time – maybe a morning or afternoon on a weekend to help the gardener with some weeding or planting. I’d be delighted if someone would offer me that as a present as I have lots of work in the garden to do!


    1. What a great idea! There are so many people that can use a hand during the growing season. If only we didn’t have to weed and just have time for the fun stuff.

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