There May Be Smoke But We Still Have Flowers

There is smoke in the air here in British Columbia but we still have lots of beauty in the garden. As the wild fires burn in the interior of BC smoke is drifting down like a haze over everything. I keep wondering how the smoke affects plants. I know its affecting so many people all over the province and my heart goes out to those living in the path of the fires. I am lucky to live on the south coast where fires are uncommon.

Let’s take a walk in the garden to see what’s in bloom today. August brings many new flowers to the garden.

There may be smoke but we still have flowers

Shasta daisies are a stalwart in the garden with their white blooms lasting for months. This grouping of daisies has been in the same spot for fourteen years or more and thrives in the sun. I find this plant is in demand by first time gardeners as it’s so easy to grow.

There may be smoke but we still have flowers

My Canada 150th birthday garden went from red and white tulips to red and white geraniums and dahlias. With a break in our water line last week I had to move some yellow dahlias to this garden. Even though the dahlias were in full growth it looks like they will recover and continue to bloom until frost. When moving plants in warm weather watering becomes key to their successful transplant. I watered daily until the plants were doing better.

There may be smoke but we still have flowers

Zinnias continue to be one of my favourite annuals in the garden. Easily grown from seed, they come in a variety of colours. If you look closely you can still see the dew on the leaves. I paired pink zinnias with the blue of Ageratum for a calming effect in the garden.

There may be smoke but we still have flowers

Hibiscus syriacus ‘Bluebird’ or Rose of Sharon opened this week with its blooms mingling with Rudbeckia and Crocosmia. I love this mix of colour in the garden.

There may be smoke but we still have flowers

With a new water line going in all the annuals had to be moved. Luckily I had some space in one of the kitchen garden beds so plants were quickly planted and watered in. What’s amazing is how every single plant has adapted so well to the move. I now have a small corner to cut flowers for bouquets. Now the question is, do they get moved back to the front walkway garden or do I plant fall flowers in a couple of weeks? I think I will go with a whole new planting scheme in two weeks. After all, I need to keep the garden centers busy, right?

3 thoughts on “There May Be Smoke But We Still Have Flowers

  1. Pretty garden Kristin! As well as the daisies of your garden I have in mine chamomile for 3 years already and it is amazing how fast they reproduce and how long they last, they started in a small space on my garden and now they have spread all over. On the other hand with the Zinnias I haven’t been so lucky, will you have any advice to give me that can help me to improve its growth?

    1. Thanks Emily. Zinnias are pretty easy to grow from seed. I use heat mats to get my seeds off to a good start and plant my zinnia seedlings outside in May.

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