Harvest Season Has Begun with Garlic Scapes!


Harvest Season Has Begun With Garlic Scapes!

This week I started harvesting the garlic scapes. Garlic scapes are the stems of hardneck garlic and are not produced on softneck garlic. I have a whole raised bed devoted to growing garlic. It’s so delicious compared to store bought garlic that I can’t imagine using anything else. It’s hard to believe the garlic was ever as small as in the photo above. That’s how it looked back in April. Fast forward to the end of June and it’s harvest time.

Harvest Season Has Begun With Garlic Scapes

I always let my garlic scapes curl about one and a half times before I harvest them. I cut the scapes just above the top leaf on the garlic stem. Now that the scapes have been harvested it’s time to cut back watering the garlic so the bulbs can dry out a bit before I dig them up. Once the garlic leaves are two-thirds yellowed I will lift the garlic to cure it. More on that in two weeks when I harvest the garlic.

So what do you do with garlic scapes? You can chop them up and use them with stir fries just like you would use garlic cloves. Last year I made garlic scape butter and pesto.

Harvest Season Has Begun With Garlic Scapes!

This year I wanted to make something different. Last week I had to think of some appetizers for a garden party I was hosting. I always like to use something from the garden in my meals so I decided to make garlic scape hummus. Once made I could serve some naan bread and fresh vegetables with the hummus for a delicious appetizer. I found a recipe for hummus over at A Dish For Daily Life and it turned out amazing!

Harvest Season Has Begun with Garlic Scapes!

Now I am addicted to hummus. Today I made more hummus so I can tell you the recipe makes four cups of hummus and it can be frozen. To start I cut up the scapes using the top 12″ of the stem. I find the stem below the top 12″ are too tough to chop. I sure don’t want to wear out the food processor as I did that last summer. Once the scapes were processed I was able to add the rest of the ingredients.  Now that the hummus is made it will go in the freezer to be used when needed.





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  1. Your garlic scape recipes sound tasty! I’m in the process of building a raised bed to dedicate to garlic so I can plant this fall. The rest of my garden is the typical type tilled up area so this will be my try with a raised bed! I look forward to my own garlic!

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