Look What’s Ready To Harvest Today!

Look at what is ready to harvest today! I am happy to say we had our first salad from the garden. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t planted fall crops last year. Even with our tough winter I had some success. Look What's Ready To Harvest!

I couldn’t wait to harvest some greens for dinner but I left it until my garden tour on Monday was over. Yes, I had a dozen people tour the garden and stay for refreshments. It was a delight to have them come and view the garden. It also meant I had to get the garden weeded. It was good to have a deadline to get things done. This June I will be hosting a reception for the local garden tour so I have to keep it up. It’s so easy to run out of steam by the end of June. I digress, back to what I was harvesting. Lettuce and kale are now in active growth and the sun is here.

Look What's Ready To Harvest!

The mizuna which overwintered has decided to bolt so I harvested all the tops for my salad. I was also able to cut some chervil as well. The chervil planted last fall is setting its flowers now that the weather has warmed. As soon as we started going over 10C or 50F these two plants started to bolt.

Look What's Ready To Harvest1

In late March I planted potatoes in one of the kitchen garden beds. They are now above the soil and doing well. I am growing a couple of heirloom potatoes this year so I hope to have seed available for a larger crop next year.
Look What's Ready To Harvest!

I had a full bed of Brassica plants last fall but the cauliflower and turnips didn’t make it through the winter. This was the one bed I didn’t cover. Fortunately the purple sprouting broccoli is doing well and forming heads already.

Look What's Ready To Harvest!

So what did I harvest from the garden? Some onion, spinach, chervil, kale and mizuna. Doesn’t it look fabulous? I love that the garden is now telling me what we will be having for dinner.


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