The Seeds Have Germinated!

The seedlings have germinated! Its been ages since I have posted on the blog so my apologies. I am so busy creating new powerpoint presentations for my speaking engagements that I barely have time to get in the garden let alone write. I keep saying one more week and I will get outside and do some gardening or plant some seeds. Unfortunately the garden is so wet from heavy rains that my boots squish when I walk on the lawn. Its not the best time to be outside so it will buy me some more time to work on projects.

The Seedlings Have Germinated!

After my trip to Seattle last month I did get in the greenhouse to start some cool season crops. I have kale, cilantro, spinach, lettuce and peas on the go. The kale seedlings are up. (Sorry for the blurry photo, I will get used to my new camera one day.) I think I planted a few too many seeds, don’t you? I will soon be potting the kale seedlings up into four-cell packs for my plant sale on May 6. A few will go in the garden so we have early salad greens.

The Seedlings Have Germinated!

I love peas but most get eaten when we work in the garden. This year I am trying some ‘Little Marvel’ peas which are a shelling pea. It’s an open pollinated variety so I will be saving seeds for next year. I have used up all my seed supply and need to replenish it with fresh seed. This is a ‘use up old seed year’ so I can harvest fresh seeds once again.

The Seedlings Have Germinated!

Squee!!! The tomato babies are up! You know how much I love growing tomatoes. I was so busy at classes and conferences last weekend I didn’t go in the greenhouse for two days. On Monday I was surprised to see over a hundred tomatoes had germinated. I see lots of potting up in about two weeks. I will wait for the second set of leaves to appear before I begin the transplanting process. I can hardly wait to have a greenhouse packed full of plants. It will smell so earthy and delicious!

The Seedlings have Germinated!

As far as outside in the garden goes, the crocuses are all I can brag about. It looks like old man winter is finally gone but we are at least three weeks behind in the garden. Last year the crocuses bloomed by mid February, not mid March. I love the beautiful crocus above with its intricate striping on the petals.

The Seedlings Have Germinated!

How is your garden doing? We have removed the plastic from the hoop house and baby lettuce plants are up from seeds sown two weeks ago. The weather forecast looks mild so we are ordering a large quantity of soil to place on the kitchen garden beds and the perennial gardens. It’s time to get gardening as spring will arrive fast and furious after this long winter.

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