What You Need to Know About Me

What You Need to Know About me

I thought today I would let you know a little bit about myself. I want to give you an idea about what I do as a garden blogger. Seven years ago I started writing a garden blog. I had no idea how to start and originally started on blogger which was very easy to use. I love to write and wanted to share my passion for gardening. When I first started the blog I wrote mostly about flowering plants. Over the years as the garden changed so did I. Now I am writing about growing vegetables, herbs and ideas to help people in their gardens. I still love flowers but my focus is more on plants that have purpose like edibles.

Blogging is not a full time job for me as I like to be more hands on and teach people how to do things in the garden. Thats where my blog has helped me. You see, although I don’t make an income from my blog directly, I do garden classes and lectures. It’s because someone read my blog and saw the talks I do on my speaking schedule that I get asked to give talks more often. I love giving classes. I want to get my hands dirty and feel like I have given someone the confidence that they can go home and garden with ease.

Whether its a hands on garden class or a power point presentation, I do both. I also answer garden questions every week from readers. My last query was from someone wanting advice on how to grow tomatoes in containers. I love answering questions and helping others. Never feel you can’t shoot me an email with a question.

I also offer classes for special interest groups such as homeschool groups, lunch and learn classes in the workplace and for the sight impaired. I love a challenge and try to convey gardening in easy to understand ways. Perhaps a class needs to be more visual or needs charts with diagrams for those who can’t hear. After all, everyone learns in different ways.

What You Need to Know About Me

A few years ago I started growing heirloom tomatoes from seed. Okay I grew 500 plants, a few too many for my garden. It was that spring that my first plant sale was held. Now on the first Saturday of each May I open up my garden so people can come and buy plants. I usually have more than just tomatoes. I can grow up to sixty flats of plants for the sale. I would offer more but the greenhouse walls would burst.

What You Need to Know About Me

Last fall we had two months of solid rain and I opened my new line of seeds which I sell on my Etsy page. I wanted to try something new during my down time from the garden.

What You Need to Know About Me

Each year I am also the organizer of Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo. Seedy Saturdays are full of garden speakers, vendors and seed swaps. I often get asked if I am an event planner but I wouldn’t call myself one. So there you go, something you may not have known about me.

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