Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Yesterday I went through my big tote full of seeds to see which tomatoes I had that I could grow this spring. I won’t start seeds until the beginning of March as my plant sale isn’t until May 6. I am waiting for seeds to arrive from the seed bank so I may have four more tomatoes to grow.

Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Gold Nugget-This yellow cherry tomato produced early and had so many tomatoes I could hardly keep up with the harvest from one plant.

Morado de Rincon-This is a seed bank tomato that I haven’t grown for a few years, large beefsteak with good flavour.

Wapsipinicon Peach-This wins the award for best yellow tomato. The golf ball sized fruit have a slight fuzz but its the sweetness I love. 

Mystery Keeper-This seed was given to me from a gardener friend so it will be my first time growing it. This tomato stores well as noted in its name. 

Ivory Pear-One of the white tomatoes which is usually more creamy white. A novelty in itself and looks great in a salad. 

Mortgage Lifter-I love this heirloom tomato mainly for the story behind it. The gardener who bred this tomato paid off his mortgage from the sales of this plant, hence the name. Its a large beefsteak with great flavour.

Black Cherry– If you want a reddish-brown cherry tomato, this is the one for you. Its very productive having large trusses of fruit about 3/4″ in size. This one is a must have for my garden.

Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Indigo Rose-This black tomato was all the rage a few years ago. Not my favourite for flavour, just okay. I will grow out for seeds this year but will have a few plants available. Many people found this one hard to know when it was ripe. It loses its shine and as a tinge of red on the bottom when ready to pick.

Yellow Pear-This pear shaped tomato is like a cherry as you can pop it in the mouth for a quick snack. It dates back to the 1800’s. I already have people asking if I will be growing this one.

Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Sylvan Gaume– This is one tomato everyone should try. It produced about 50 pounds of fruit from three plants last summer. Lovely red medium sized tomato, great for fresh eating or roasting.

Dwarf Arctic Rose-One of my most cold tolerant tomatoes so good for short seasons. This plant is from the Dwarf Tomato Project and most of the dwarf series have thicker than normal stems and grow to less than 4′. This makes them great candidates for containers.

San Marzano– This tomato plant sold out in ten minutes last year so I will grow twice as many this spring. Its the best tomato for cooking as its a paste tomato prized by chefs all over the world.

Dwarf Orange Cream– Lovely yellow-orange 2″-3″ tomato on a 4′ high plant. This one needs some staking as fruit is heavy. Again this is one of the Dwarf Tomato Project plants.

Starfire-This tomato is new this year. Its determinate so it produces most of its fruit at once. Its red fruit grow to about 8-10 ounces in size.

Early Annie– I will only have a few plants of this one at my sale. Its an early producer of tomatoes and determinate.

Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Red Pear- This pear tomato is similar to yellow pear but its red. Same great tomato with a more acidic taste.

Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Snow White– I love this white cherry tomato but like most so called white fruit it has a slight yellowish tinge.

Green Zebra– This tomato has amazing flavour so don’t be fooled by its green and yellow striping. One of my favourite green tomatoes. 

Cherokee Purple-This large heirloom tomato is a reddish-purple on the outside and is known for its excellent flavour. It is said seed originated from a Native American tribe of Cherokees  a hundred years ago. 

Gospodar– This is a rare tomato seed that I grew with my daughter during our homeschooling years. We were sent seeds from the Canadian Space Agency to grow out and compare. This plant will need to be reserved as I am growing it out for fresh seed this year.

Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Peacevine-This red cherry tomato is a must if you have children. It bears large clusters of bright red fruit which is so sweet it rarely makes it in the house. It is indeterminate so needs staking. 

Victoria Dwarf #1– Out of the four dwarf tomato project plants I grew last year, this one was the best. It is definitely great for containers as it didn’t grow very tall in my garden. My only concern last summer was much of the fruit was on the ground due to the height of the plant. It’s a great producer of red medium-size tomatoes with a bit of green shouldering. 

King Humbert– I grew this small egg shaped tomato for the seed bank last year and its become a staple for my tomato garden. Absolutely lovely in salads.

Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Stupice-For cool season climates and short summers, you can’t beat this tomato. Small golf ball sized fruit on plants that grow to about 4′-5′ high. I was eating these tomatoes at the end of June from transplanting in early May. 

Rutgers-This is a thick skinned red tomato bearing seven ounce fruit. It’s determinate but will continue to have a couple more flushes of fruit after the initial harvest. Grows 4′-5′ tall and is crack resistant.

Moneymaker-This is a rare English heirloom tomato with uniform red fruit weighing about 6-8 ounces. It was very popular in the 90’s. A friend of mine once told me he only grows tomatoes with names that refer to money like this one. He also grew Sweet Million. Was he wealthy? Yes. 

Plant Sale Tomato List for 2017

Kellogg’s Breakfast– I grew this large orange beefsteak last summer and the first fruits were 1.5 pounds! It produces fruit but not huge quantities. Lovely for using one slice in a sandwich or in salads.

Calabacito Rojo– This tomato dates aback to 1795 and I will try growing it out for seed once again. Its red flattened fruit grows on indeterminate vines. To see more about this one check out my post “I am Just One Crazy Tomato Lady.” 

Dwarf Wild Fred– This dwarf tomato has great flavour with  large reddish-purple fruit. 

Lescana Heart– This is new this year and its a 10-12 ounce red fruiting tomato. 80 days until harvest and indeterminate. It’s said it gets sweeter towards the end of the season.

Along with heirloom tomatoes I will lots of herbs, vegetables and flowers so there will be something for everyone.

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