It’s January and I am Already Gardening!

It’s January and I am already gardening! It’s a busy week as I prepare for some of my first garden talks. I love talking about growing food. There is always something new to grow each year. I have my seed orders placed and they will arrive just in time for seed starting in February and March.

My first talk is at the Richmond library as the first part of a four-part garden series. My talk is on how to get started in early spring. I will be going over seed selection by showing seed catalogues, talking about soil, crop rotation and siting your new garden. I know there are a lot of new gardeners so I expect a lot of questions. The upcoming talk had me creating some visual aids for the class as we are not doing a slide show. Using a flip chart I was able to draw some easy to understand sketches of siting your garden, crop rotation along with plant family information and some information on square foot gardening.

If you want to see what I will be talking about you can watch my video below. If I could say one thing to a new vegetable gardener, it would be to practice crop rotation.

My second class this month is with a group of children. We will be learning how to winter sow. Winter sowing is fun to do and the children will be able to watch their seeds grow over the next few months. For this class I have chosen easy vegetables to grow. Planting cold hardy vegetables in milk jugs now will have them each experience their own mini garden when the temperatures begin to warm up. We will start them off by letting them grow lettuce, spinach, parsley and mesclun greens. Winter sowing is a great way to recycle your milk or water jugs and use them to grow seeds. For info on winter sowing, check out my post called Lets Sow Seeds In Winter.

Its January and I am Already Gardening!

Of course, I better not forget Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2017 as it’s happening next month at the Ladner United Church on February 18 from 9:30am-4:00pm. This is the kick off to the new garden season and attracts up to 600 people every year.This year we have four wonderful garden speakers, Brian Minter from Minter Country Gardens, Shelley Levis from Sow and Dipity, Gary Lewis from Phoenix Perennials, and Mike Nugent from Bartlett Tree Experts.

Its January and I am Already Gardening!

I will be bringing tomato seeds to trade at the annual seed swap at Seedy Saturday so don’t forget to bring your unused seeds packed and labeled, ready for trading. Is it me or does it feel like spring is just around the corner? Today we are forecast to have a bit of snow but temperatures are warming up. I know for me that means its time to pot up all the cuttings I have in the greenhouse to larger pots so they are ready for my plant sale on May 6. I have the pots and labels, now to get some soil and get started.


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