Planning a Second Crop in the Kitchen Garden

Planning a Second Crop in the Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden is busy at this time of year. I have been picking the last of the peas and planning what will take their place once the vines are removed. It is said to always have something planned for when a crop finishes. So when I spotted tiny cucamelon seedlings in the tomato bed I quickly transplanted them to the bed where the early peas had come out.

Planning a Second Crop in the Kitchen Garden

Yes, it turns out that if you happen to have cucamelons drop to the soil or the ground in the fall they will germinate in the tiniest places. This year I had ten cucamelon plants appear  between the bricks of the pathway.

Planting a Second Crop in the Kitchen Garden

Last night I harvested all of the garlic plants. I grew three types this year, Music garlic , a Russian type from a farmers market and some Russian garlic from my own seed. I have been growing Russian garlic for several years so it will be interesting to compare the difference between the different types. I found that some of the Music garlic is small and not near as large as my Russian garlic grown from my seed. I will keep the largest and best of the Music garlic for planting in the fall.


So what do I do with the empty garlic bed now? I know I may have crops in the bed over the winter so I need to amend the soil. I can add compost to it as it’s the best way to renew the soil. Today I decided to try out some organic fish soil and I also had some new soil leftover from when the two new raised beds were filled. I filled the beds with some of the new soil as it was down about three inches from the rainfall over the winter. Remember garlic was planted last fall  and was in the garden for nine months. I worked the organic fish soil into the soil and added some glacial rock dust as well. Glacial rock dust helps with the PH of the soil and adds some minerals.  Normally I add steer manure to the empty beds and work it in. We will see how the fish soil works out this fall.

Now that the bed is ready,  I watered it well to get it ready for new plants and seeds. I have a flat of cauliflower plants waiting to go in. I also have french fillet bean seeds that I finally found at the bottom  of the seed stash. Turnips, carrots, beets and purple sprouting broccoli on my list to grow although they may have to wait until August as most will be winter crops.

(Note to my readers: My blog is now getting a makeover and I hope to be back writing more soon. My photo storage was full so I am looking at redoing the whole blog and adding some new highlights. After all, a garden blog has to have photos. This is definitely the wrong time of year for it to happen but I will be back.)


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