The Glades

The Glades

After visiting Dart’s Hill last weekend we were asked if we had ever been to visit the Glades. I knew about this garden from when I began my master garden program years ago but had never seen it. Were we ever in for a treat! I love great foliage. It can really make a garden top-notch. Above is one of my favourite scenes at the Glades. Hostas, creeping jenny and Heuchera among a field of green ferns and evergreens is  a delight to the eyes.

The Glades

Pops of colour in containers brightened up this shady corner.

The Glades

The Glades were originally bought as a five acre parcel of land covered in brambles. Owners Murray and Lydia Stephen transformed this land to the beautiful garden it is today. Now the garden has been given as a legacy to the city of Surrey and another ten acres of proposed garden is in the future. The fern gardens are amazing with ostrich fern taking the back and maidenhair fern in the forefront.
The Glades

I definitely need one of these in my garden. I love the foliage.

The Glades

Every time you round a corner you come across a vista like this. I never knew what to expect next.
The Glades

A garden this size needs statuary that fits the scale. This looks like its been here forever.

The Glades

Another turn and we see this waterfall, fern fronds dipping to the water’s edge.

The Glades

The Glades is home to over 1600 Rhododendrons, most over 20 feet high. This one is Rhododendron ‘Margaret Dunn’, a lovely apricot bloom. Here I thought having 40 Rhododendrons was a lot.

The Glades

This is a closeup of Rhododendron ‘Margaret Dunn’.


Another figure in the forest of Rhododendrons. It looks like she is deciding what to do next in the garden.

In this garden, mass plantings of Brunnera edge this area with Astilbe just about to open in behind.


Here Pulmonaria edges the garden bed. Imagine what it must have been like when it was in bloom. I need this plant in my garden. Foliage like this brightens up a shady corner.


Grassed pathways with perfect edges grace this area of the garden. The long paths entice you to come see what’s around the next bend.

Benches line the pathways so you can stop and sit awhile.

The fountains are located near the entrance to the garden. On one side you can view the spectacular fountains and on the other side is a serene Japanese sand garden.


I love this photo as it shows the limbs of the Rhododendrons as if they are stretching to reach the sun. Most of the Rhododendrons were well over 15 feet high and wide.  The repetition shown in this area with the limbs and under planting of ferns is a work of art. .


Ponds and water features are found throughout the garden. This garden is one that should be on every gardener’s bucket list. The Glades is located at 561 172 Street in Surrey. Check the website for open days.

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