From Our Home to Yours-Merry Christmas!

From Our Home to Yours- Merry Christmas!

It’s a few days until Christmas and I look forward to seeing the family again. We all live close by and try to get together for all the holidays. With lives so busy it gives us a day to catch up with each other and watch the little ones run around. My four children are all grown up so its only Farmer Jim and I at home on Christmas morning. We have chosen a special breakfast for the two of us and will open our gifts from each other. Later in the day my four children will arrive with their families and the little ones. The grandsons are nineteen months and ten months old so things have been prepared with them in mind. Dinner will be earlier so they get to bed on time. Snacks or ‘nax’ as they call them will be toddler approved.

From Our Home to Yours-Merry Christmas!

The grandchildren have seen Santa and the experience for Blake was not so pleasant. I am the bad grandma. I laughed so hard at this that I snorted. I remember only too well how afraid many children are of the guy in the big red suit. It’s a good thing they forget so quickly. He still loves Santa, just from a distance.

From Our Home to Yours-Merry Christmas!

The house is decorated with toddlers in mind. Nothing breakable is within reach and I want them to touch the tree. The feel of feathers, glitter or softness of the ornaments is a new experience for them this year. ¬†Touch is such an important facet of learning. I don’t want to be that grandmother that says no all the time.

From Our Home to Yours-Merry Christmas!

So from our home to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas. May your dreams for 2016 come true. As Little Gavin would say, smile to everyone you meet. Sometimes that is the best Christmas gift ever.

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Name the carol for each of the squares. Can you guess them all?

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  1. Kristin,
    Thank you for your blog which I have thoroughly enjoyed this year. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Wishing you all the best for the new year.
    Susan Blake.

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