Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-July 2015

Today is garden bloggers bloom day and I have a few new flowers out this week. The Dahlias are finally open. I planted the tubers in pots to get them started. They grow easily in containers. I transplanted them to their new home in front of the new kitchen garden only two weeks ago. So much has happened since then.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- August 2015

This is Dahlia ‘Alpen Cherub’, a lovely white collarette style of bloom. I love the fringes of petals inside the flower. Did you know bees have an easier time fining pollen on this type of flower compared to its full cousins? I collected seeds from this Dahlia last year. To learn how to collect Dahlia seeds read about it here. They are easy to grow from seed but are a shorter plant the first year from seed.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- August 2015

If you are just starting out I would recommend this Dahlia to begin with. Its Dahlia ‘Mango Sunset’ with a profusion of orange spidery like flowers from July until frost. This Dahlia produces more flowers than any other I have grown.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- August 2015Yesterday Dahlia ‘Little Showoff’ opened up. It’s another collarette type that I picked up at the Northwest Flower and Garden show.  I have all my Dahlias planted near the new kitchen garden. I can’t wait to see all nineteen Dahlias  bloom in about a week. They will make wonderful cut flowers to bring inside.

Garden Bloggers Bloom day- August 2015

The garden looks a bit tired after all the heat we had. Fall flowers such as Crocosmia and Rudbeckia are taking the stage this week. Fall Asters are starting to bud and again I think they are rushing it.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-August 2015

The Hydrangea continue to bloom and I am finally getting flowers on Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’. Its been in the garden for a few years and this year it finally bloomed.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-August 2015

The Fuchsia is huge again this year and I am glad I forgot to take the stakes down over winter. It needs to be staked. I am on the hunt for some white Fuchsias to add to the front shade garden.

So what’s next in the garden? I am adding to our collection of Hostas. Last weekend we found Hostas ‘Sunshine Glory’, ‘Gypsy Rose’ and ‘Winter Snow’.  As crazy as I was to be planting in July, the Hostas are in and being watered well to give them a good start. We started collecting Hostas last year and hope to grow the collection.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- August 2015

I also bought a new lily. I like lilies but never had very many in this garden. Above is Lily ‘Lion Heart’ with its black and yellow blooms. It’s about four feet high and will need support. I am trying to talk farmer Jim into developing a lily garden somewhere in the yard. He wants to get rid of more lawn so that may happen. He is getting used to me saying I have an idea. At first he would say, oh no, not another. Now he is coming up with ideas of his own. When he suggested we take out more lawn, I secretly said a resounding yes. That means more plants, right?

Today I am linking over at May Dreams Garden to celebrate garden bloggers bloom day.

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