A Walk in the Garden in June

A walk in the garden in June

Now that June is here the roses are at their peak. Above is the greenhouse like arbor on the far side of the garden covered in pink roses. Climbing roses do well on this large support system and are easy to maintain by weaving branches in and out of the frame. I do let a few dangle below so I can smell the roses up close.

A walk in the garden in June

On the other side of the arbor pink roses blend like carefree spirits with purple clematis. I lost control  of this clematis a couple of years ago. It’s now wound its way so high up I haven’t the heart to cut it back. I enjoy seeing it ramble through the roses each summer. Its time to get out and remove the branch of roses off the container below. The weight of new roses has weighed the branch down and its time to tie it in place. Honeysuckle is also blooming to the right above the bird bath.


A walk in the garden in June

By the front door I have Rose ‘Laura Ford’ in full bloom. It’s another fragrant mini climber growing to about eight feet.

A walk in the garden in June

Every year I anxiously wait for this pink rose to open. You see it came from a cutting in my Mom’s garden and she no longer lives there. I have recently taken a couple of stem cuttings to add some roses to our new kitchen garden. You never know, we may just have to add an arbor to the new kitchen garden. I will update the progress on the new kitchen garden next week. To see what we have done so far, click here.

A walk in the garden In June

Under the large rose arbor I have what I call the wild garden. I like the look of an english country style garden and try to fill the area under the arbor with perennials and self sowing flowers. I recently had some children in  the garden and they loved the Stachys or Lambs Ear plants I had along one edge of the garden. The softness of the leaves had the children petting them. It wasn’t until I gave a talk on plants to use to attract pollinators that I found out this is one of them. You can see the purple flowers are just beginning to open. There is no lack of plants to attract bees in this garden but knowing I have a new one makes it even better.

A walk in the Garden in June

White Campanula blooms amongst the golden hues of Alstromeria. Many people think Alstromeria is invasive but I haven’t had that problem. Mind you, when you garden on a half-acre, plants that fill the large gaps with colour are a blessing. Ground covers take on a whole new meaning in this garden.

A walk in the garden in June

I have always loved Geraniums for their ease, hardiness and colours.They bloom for weeks and weeks. Ugh, I see the horsetail in the back. Oh well, I never get them all out. My garden is certainly never perfect. I think mother nature likes to challenge me everyday and that’s okay.

Today I am linking over at New House New Home with Heather. Please visit her garden and check out her blooms. They are stunning!


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