Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-May 2015

It’s such a great time of year. I can’t help but take lots of photos in the garden. It seems like ages since I have seen my old friends in the garden. ¬†Yes, that’s what they are. You would think I would remember them year after year but sometimes I will not notice how the speckling inside a Rhododendron bloom is so perfect. Its like discovering something I hadn’t seen before. It’s all about taking the time to notice.

Garden bloggers bloom day-May 2015

This Rhododendron has been open for a couple of weeks. Its soft pink is lovely in the shade garden.

Garden Bloggers Bloom day- May 2015

Remember the big arbor I showed you the other day? The Roses are out in bloom and the Clematis are starting to wind their way through the brambles. We must remember to tie some of the rose branches into place. They haven’t invented a hat to prevent thorns in the head yet. No, I am not wearing a helmet.

Garden Bloggers Bloom day-May 2015

The Irises keep on going. Next time I need to take a better look at the yellow markings inside this one. Doesn’t the yellow look fuzzy?

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-May 2015

Hubby loves these two Rhododendrons. I think it’s the impact the two of them have when blooming together.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-May 2015

If I had to pick a favourite flower this week, it would be this peony. The outside petals open up like a water-lily with lots of ruffles on the inside.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-May 2015

I was in the garden after working on a class about pollination. Can you believe it? I was using the internet to look up flowers to attract the bees. What was I thinking?

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -May 2015

I have two large Weigela in the garden and both of them are loaded with bees. All I had to do was take a walk in the garden to see how busy the bees were in my flowers. I think I will cut a large bouquet for the class to see. Can you see the bee with it’s behind poking out?

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-May 2015

The shrub roses are stunning this year. Petals adorn the lawn in a carpet of pink. As I look at the photos of the garden I realize there are a lot of pink flowers in bloom this month. I have to admit, I do love pastels in the garden so that may be why.

On the fifteenth of each month garden bloggers share their gardens. Today I am linking over at May Dreams Garden with other bloggers from all over the world.

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