21 Breathtaking Bathroom Makeovers


Is it all the home renovation shows we watch that has us thinking we can redo any room in our house? I have to admit I do watch a lot of those before and after renovation shows and they make it look so easy. Guess again, there is a lot of hard work that goes into renovating any room. It certainly isn’t done overnight like so many we watch on television. So when we decided to renovate the bathrooms in our home, I scoured the internet for ideas. You see hiring a designer was over our budget. That $6000 would buy a lot of extras. One of my favourite places for inspiration was looking over the do-it-yourself projects over on Hometalk. There I could see what others had done and what I liked and didn’t like.

21 Breathtaking Bathroom Makeovers

I knew I wanted a nice bathroom and wanted to stay with the style of our home. You see, we live in what is a Georgian style home and its the only one of its kind in Delta. That meant all those ultra modern bathrooms were ruled out. I knew I didn’t want the shabby chic look either. What was I looking for? I wanted a wow factor. I wanted to walk in my new master bathroom and not want to leave. I wanted it to feel like a spa but still have all the safety features as well. We hunted all over for cabinets, plumbing fixtures, paint colours and the like. It took months before we were ready to begin. We hired a contractor as walls had to be moved. You know I am a gardener and I can redo gardens but when it comes to inside I leave it to the pros. I must admit having a blank landscape inside was just as much fun to design as outside. It’s just easier to dig a hole and plant than to build.

21 Breathtaking Bathroom Makeovers

This week I was asked to curate a Hometalk board with some inspiring ideas for you. I like a bathroom with a feel of elegance. I even found a kids bathroom on Hometalk that any young person would love. Check this one out. I love the huge sink for three children. Can you not see all the boys wanting their space in there? Adding a sliding glass door to the bath in hopes of keeping water from getting all over the floor was a great idea. A mom can hope, right?

I love any bathroom with a chandelier. It gives it glam and makes the room shimmer with romance. I think I like this next one for its choice of neutral colours as well. Being able to change the decor colours using accessories makes this girl happy. Who wants the same colour? I like to change things up with the seasons. So how do you like this bathroom? I think my favourite spa like bathroom on the board is this one. I love the idea of a walk in shower without a lip. I also love the bathtub. Isn’t it dreamy?

Best decisions made for our bathrooms were:

1. Adding heated floors to the rooms.  I melt with delight when my feet walk on a warm floor.

2. Buying comfort height toilets. I no longer feel like I am sitting on a  kiddie toilet.

3. Buying designer safety bars. I mean we really don’t need those ugly cheap ones. You can have safety and beauty at the same time.

4. Knocking out a wall to gain extra space. I now have my own sink!

So click on the board at the top of the page and it will take you to 21 different styles of spa like bathrooms. There is something for every taste whether your space is large or small. So which room is next for us? The kitchen is the last room to be done in our home. We have been here ten years and every inch has been painted by us. Yes, we did everything except the bathrooms. I am excited to start planning my kitchen but its a lot more expensive to redo than the bathrooms and our ceiling needs replacing. So I am off to the garden to pot up more plants. You see, I figure if I sell 5,000 plants at $4 each I may be able to afford that kitchen. Like they say money doesn’t grow on trees. Oh wait, are there seeds for that?



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