Friday's Flowers-Signs of Spring

Fridays flowers-signs of spring

With a warmer than usual January we are seeing all kinds of growth in the garden. Spring bulbs are sending their tender shoots above the soil and it looks like we may have Crocuses soon. The Heather is just opening its blooms in a large container in the back garden. I love this Heather for its pink foliage. Once the weather cools it turns from green to shades of pink. Here on the southwest coast of British Columbia this used to be an overused plant. It was shunned as boring for many years but it definitely has a place in the landscape.

Friday's Flowers-Signs of Spring

How can you go wrong with a plant that is evergreen adding interest all year, has flowers and interesting foliage? They can be grown in the ground and in containers. If you want winter flowers, it’s an excellent choice for the garden. Look for plants that offer interesting foliage colours. The foliage will often last longer than the flowers for a more long-lasting effect in the garden.

Fridays flowers- Signs of Spring

Skimmia japonica holds its delicate red buds all winter long. This shrub is also evergreen and low growing. Mine has been in the garden in an area that gets morning sun but is only about three feet across. This shrub will often be wider that it is high.

Fridays Flowers- Signs of spring

Look what I found this morning! I acquired this Hellebore from my Mom’s garden when she downsized to a condo. She ┬ákeeps asking for them back so I will have to dig up some baby plants to grow in containers. Just the sight of flower buds makes me want to get out in the garden.

Fridays Flowers- Signs of spring

I was a bit surprised to see this rose with new growth. It’s a sign that everything else is not far behind. It won’t be long before we prune our Roses as I see the Forsythia is about to bloom. I caution you though. We could still have a hard frost so I would wait a few more weeks before you start working in the garden. As you see spring bulbs come up, pull back the mulch so they can be seen. As tempting as it is to get your fingers in the soil, it’s very wet in the gardens and winter is not over yet.

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  1. I am amazed at the new growth coming out! Honeysuckle is already leafing out and the crocus and daffodil are up and budding already. What a year this is going to be!

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